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Restoran Sweet Paradise at Butterworth Penang

Name: Restauran Sweet Paradise , Chew Chuen Dim Sum, 超全茶樓
Type : Chinese Dim Sum Restaurant (Hong Kong Style)
Famous Foods : Shrimp Dumpling, Steam Fish Head with Rice Vermicelli, Steamed Osyter Dim Sum, Dim Sum, Fried Dim Sum, Steamed Dim Sum, Fish Ball, Egg Tart, Prawn and Mushroom, Siu Long Pau, 3in1 Filling Dim Sum, Gyoza, Chicken Feet, Lotus Rice
Opening Hours : Daily 6 AM till 1 PM
Tel : 04-323 8496
Location : 2. 4, Jalan Bagan Baru 1, Kampung Jawa, 12000 Butterworth, Pulau Pinang

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