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Parks are large gardens designated as a recreation area for family and tourist. May it be themed parks, memorial parks, national parks or a regular family parks, it is always a place filled with activities.

Kampung Telaga Air – A fishing village and waterfront at Matang, Kuching

A peaceful waterfront located beside Sungai Sibu is a bustling fishing village which majority of the villager is fisherman. At the morning and evenings you will see boats going out and return back from fishing. Sungai Sibu opens to the south china sea just around 3km away. The jetty also connects important water routes to Pulau Satang (a beautiful island where you can see sea turtle laying eggs) and Kuching Wetlands National Park (a Protected Estuarine Landscape).

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City of Digital Lights at I-City Shah Alam Selangor

i-City is a 72 acre ICT-based urban development beside the Federal Highway in Section 7, Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia.

It is known as Intelligent City which integrated various corporate (office towers, cybercenter office suites, datacenters, innovation centers), leisure (regional shopping mall, central plaza with theme park ) and residential (hotels, apartments, SoHo and SoVo) components all under one huge million square feet complex.

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Borneo Happy Farm at Kuching

Borneo Happy Farm is a new tourist attraction and family outings location in Kuching which is just 18km away from Kuching city center (around 45 mins drive). Family and kids will love this place as there is many to be learn from this farm, not limited to knowing farm animals, learning life of the farming community and walking along the rainforest. It is both breath taking and educational.

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