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Lodging is a short term stay in a hotel, motel, hostel, inn, guest house or home stay. There is many different variant that carters for different user with different needs within acceptable budget. Some may prefer spacious room with good bed outline, some may prefer places that good facility and activity area, some may prefer places that have good transportation connection, while some may just need the cheapest place to stay overnight. It is one of the important homework to plan for during a traveling in places far away from home.

Mega Hotel Miri, Sarawak

Mega Hotel Miri is a 18-storey 4 star hotel located at the heart of Miri City with walking distance to various famous landmark, parks and shopping malls. With history of more than 25 years, Mega Hotel stays as an icon in Miri City long before Miri gets its city status. It is one of the tallest building at the heart of the city during its opening in 1994.

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