Category: Serian Town, Sarawak, Malaysia

Serian Town – the capital of Serian Division Serian town is located at 65Km from Kuching City. It is a small town which famous for its durians. The main population here are Bidayuh, other main ethnic groups are Iban, Chinese and Malay. Serian is also famous for its Limestone formations and waterfalls, with the most famous one is Ranchan waterfall.

Ranchan Recreation Park at Serian, Sarawak

Also known as Ranchan Pool Recreation Park, Taman Rekreasi Ranchan, this is a Recreation Park with Waterfalls.
Activities : Camping, Information Gathering, Swimming, Sightseeing, Picnic, Hiking, Photography, Research.
Features : Ranchan waterfall, River, Water dams, Restaurant, Pavilion, Jungle, Pool, Hanging bridge, Picnic hut.
Address : Kampong Ranchan, Serian 94700, Malaysia

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