Welcome to Ranchan Recreational Park

Name: Ranchan Pool Recreation Park, Taman Rekreasi Ranchan

Type : Recreation Park with Waterfalls

Activities : Camping, Information Gathering, Swimming, Sightseeing, Picnic, Hiking, Photography, Research.

Features : Ranchan waterfall, River, Water dams, Restaurant, Pavilion, Jungle, Pool, Hanging bridge, Picnic hut.

Address : 94700 Serian, Sarawak, Malaysia

Latitude : 1.1433767163753845

Longitude : 110.58429271082923

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The Recreational park of Ranchan is a natural park located just south of Serian, about 60 km from Kuching. This small park is famous for its water fall and natural beauty. Families came for for picnics while scholars came here for research and documentation of wildlife flora and fauna.

The park is connected along Jalan Tun Hussien Onn, which is part of Jalan Serian-Sri Aman. Jalan Serian-Sri Aman is part of the federal highway connecting all major cities and towns in Sarawak. The park is about 5km away from Serian town, which famous for its farmers’ market.

Due to its strategic location, many tour groups heading for Skrang, Lemanak and Batang Ai may stop here. The parking space is ample for most condition.

The entrance to the park and waterfalls.

At the main entrance there are restaurant and public toilet for your needs. You can hear the roar of the waterfall from the restaurant.

Nearby, there is De’ Chalet Taman Rekreasi Ranchan, which is a lodging and overnight accommodations for tourist. There is also a multipurpose hall for events and functions.

Ample car parks around.

The map of the park and list of things to do and not to do.

The restaurant and the walkways.

This park is officially launched by Y.B. Datuk Amar James Wong Kim Min, DA, PNBS, Environment and Tourism minister of Sarawak on 19th September 1990.

Around the park.

The park is a relaxing place for picnic and camping as it is surrounded by trees and greeneries. There are places for BBQ and cook out, which allows safety handling of fire without risking burning the whole jungle down. Overnight camping is safe here. Campers love to have a swim at the cool stream and enjoy the pour of the water falls.

For day visitors, there is footpath that connects various part of the park including Ranchan falls and a nearby suspension bridge. Beware while walking around as the floor might get slippery after rain.

The walk path down to the waterfall area.

Signage of caution to alert visitors the possibility of sudden surge of water.

Various dams are build across the river to prevent sudden surge of water draft that might wash away people down the river. When swimming and playing in the waters, do be extra careful as river rocks are slippery and there is known surge of water when comes to rainy seasons. The upstream of the river is connected to nearby hills. Be alert and stay out of the water when you notice a sudden raise of water level and hearing a distance roar of water. There are warning system for event of sudden surges.

The Ranchan Waterfall.

During our visit to the park, the waterfall is small and safe for swimming.

A view of the falls.

Ranchan Waterfall.

Another smaller falls.