Tasik Biru, or know as Blue Lake of Bau, Sarawak, was previously a largest open-air gold and antimony mining in Sarawak in 1898-1921. The 390meters long, 160meters wide and 45meters deep mining crater had become a tourist attraction as it feature a huge lake with amazing stone cliff surrounding, small waterfall that flow directly into the lake and a secondary forest.

Tasik Biru, the blue lake of Bau Sarawak. People can paddle the fun boat on the turquoise blue lake surrounding with amazing mountain side view.

In the end of year 2021, the blue lake being upgraded with Roxy Tasik Biru Floating Chalets added to the Tasik Biru Resort City. The Resort City also feature boat ride and a lake side restaurant.

People from near and far come for the relaxation tour around the lake and enjoy boat ride within the man made lake. There are two type of boat ride available, one is the self paddle boat ride, the other is the guided speed boat ride which brings visitors around the lake and the hidden natural waterfall at one end of the lake.

The video taken during our latest visit to the blue lake.

Address : Tasik Biru, 94000 Bau, Sarawak

Latitude : 1.4148323499273596

Longitude : 110.15220308545838

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Official website for Roxy Tasik Biru Floating Chalets : https://roxyhotel.my/tasik-biru/

Contact for Roxy Tasik Biru Floating Chalets :082-241414

We previously visited this place once few years back. It was previously a normal looking man made lake that is remnant of the open air gold mining pit. Our last article is available at https://360tour.asia/tasik-biru-blue-lake-kuching-sarawak/. It was now having a totally new view than before with an upgrade in facility and resort city.

The Roxy Tasik Biru Floating Chalets, floating bridge and the floating water fountain is the latest addition to Tasik Biru.

A view from the viewing platform of Tasik Biru. Visitors can view the amazing view from here.

Tasik Biru is in one of the Sarawak Delta Geopark. The Sarawak Delta Geopark represent a union of geological, biological and cultural heritage bordered by the coastline of South China Sea to the north, Lundu District to the west, Samarahan District to the east and Siburan District to the South. The Sarawak Delta Geopark represents evidence of important geological events in explaining the origins of the Sundaland Plate.

The visitor information panel of Sarawak Delta Geopark.

Tasik Biru Floating Walkway

The Tasik Biru Floating Walkway or the floating bridge on Tasik Biru is one of the feature that allows the connection to the car park and viewing platform to the opposite Roxy Tasik Biru Floating Chalets and cafe. The walkway at current not open for anyone to cross yet as limited to boat ride user or floating chalets and cafe customers to use it.

The floating walkway allow visitor to walk across the bridge.

The floating walkway also forms a barrier that limited the area that is allowed for the paddle boats and allow parking of the paddle boats. The lake is separated into two section, the main lake which is the largest lake is open for public used such as the self paddle boats, while a smaller daughter lake is only accessible by the guided speed boat tour.

The boat all parked beside the floating walkway.

The floating walkway is build from interlinked floating platform. The platform will have slight wobble when walking on it, however it is rather safe to travel on. There are safety string rails beside the platform.

Self Paddle Boat Ride

The water activities that available here are self paddle boat ride and guided speed boat ride. Visitors who wants a better immersive water activities can join the paddle boat ride. The ride is available for four person per paddle boat. Visitors can paddle around the main lake and enjoy the scenery with friends and family.

The paddle boat ride with friends and family on the main lake of Tasik Biru.

The water activities notice:

  1. Playing water activities is at your own risk. Roxy Tasik Biru is not reliable for any injuries or death.
  2. Wearing of life jacket is a must for all water activities.
  3. Only 4 person are allowed for 1 paddle boat.
  4. Children below 12 years old must be accompanied by parents or guidance.
  5. No water activities is allowed during strong wind or rain.
  6. Always follow the instructions from our guard.

Guided Speed Boat Ride

For visitors who wants a guided speed boat ride will have to wait for their turn as it is a very popular choice. The queue can be long but the 10 minutes boat ride is worth it as the speed boat will bring visitors around the main lake then the daughter lake behind the hill before landed at the cafe at the opposite of the main lake.

Visitors queue up for the speed boat ride at a floating platform.

There is a tent that sell tickets for the ride and wearing life jackets.

The unique opportunity for the speed boat ride is traveling a small channel where visitor can indulge in a river tour like scenario with both side of the channel filled with naturally growing trees and at the daughter lake there is a naturally formed waterfall.

The guided speed boat ride on Tasik Biru.

There is a smaller channel connecting the main lake to the daughter lake of Tasik Biru.

At the daughter lake visitor can see the natural waterfall.

The Roxy Tasik Biru Floating Chalets and cafe

One of the attraction is the Roxy Tasik Biru Floating Chalets where the visitors can have a stay in a floating cabin like chalets on the Tasik Biru. The chalets is literally floating and with amazing view of Tasik Biru. It is unique experience to stay in a floating chalets.

Other than the floating version, there is also landed version where it is located beside the hill. It have similar view to the Tasik Biru lake and suitable for visitors that might have sea sickness issues.

The landed chalets and the floating chalets.

The cafe beside the chalet is open to public and have a very unique name – The Rock Cafe. The name came from its location of the cafe is literally on a rocky cliff. The rock is natural rock of the mountain that had been carved off during the early mining activities. Visitors love to have a wine and dine here and gathering with friends and family.

Beside the cafe there is a bamboo walkway along the stone cliff.

Visitors can challenge the bamboo walkway along the stone cliff and only the brave one may be brave enough to cross it. The bamboo walkway is representing the classical bamboo bridge walkway that the local native may build in the rural jungle. It had unique design to allow it to be stay strong and steady over time.

At the Rock Cafe, there is open area with a counter table where visitors may enjoy the view of the lake and taking their drinks.

The surrounding of the cafe also feature trees and ferns that mimic a short walk in a rainforest.

Fish Feeding Fun

What other activities can be done at Tasik Biru ? what about fish feeding fun. There are several stalls that sell fish food where visitor can buy and feed the fish in the lake.

Fish food are available on sale at the lake side.

There is all kinds of variants for the fishes in the lake.

It is fun to see all the fishes rush for the feeding. Visitors just need to throw the fish food on the lake and magically a calm lake suddenly filled with jumping fish rushing for the feed.

Visitor usually spend half a day walking around, enjoying the amazing view and involve in the water activities at Tasik Biru. Visitors can drop by and visit this lake during their travel to Bau as the Bau township is just 5 minutes away, famous for local food and cuisine. The Wind Cave and Fairy Cave is also nearby.