Meritz Hotel, a four star hotel located in the heart of the Miri city that have a good view of the city and amazing Canada Hill. It is one of the recommended hotel to stay when you come to Miri City either for business or leisure travel.

Meritz Hotel Miri as seen from the front.

Meritz Hotel Miri as seen from the side.

Address: Meritz Hotel, 1657, Jalan Miri Pujut, Bintang Jaya, 98000 Miri, Sarawak

Latitude : 4.39695285

Longitude : 113.99308519404335

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Contact Number : 085-417 888

Official Website :

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The Meritz Hotel Signage beside the road showing the direction to hotel lobby and basement car park.

There are many landmarks and place of interest within walking distance from Meritz Hotel.

  • Bintang Megamall
  • Miri Flower Park
  • Permaisuri Imperial City Mall
  • Miri Handicraft Center
  • Miri Civic Centre
  • Miri City Fan Recreation Park

All can be your “one day in Miri City Trip” package. Below is our one day in Miri City trip that feature the Morning timelapse and tour around Meritz Hotel before we walk around Miri City to visit local famous landmarks and parks.

Meritz Hotel is a four-star business class hotel that is adjoined with Bintang Megamall of Miri City. It is opening on 15th March 2012 and since then have attracted many visitor to stay in this hotel.

The lobby of the hotel is mainly tiled with classical marble with warm lighting that create a welcoming environment for the visitors who wants to stay in the hotel. Being a four-star hotel, there is elegant details in their design of the hotel outline.

The lobby of Meritz Hotel Miri.

There is more than 250 rooms consists of guest rooms, superior room, deluxe room and premier suite. It is a hotel with class and suitable for family and friends to stay during their tour in Miri City.

The room types include :

  • Superior Room (35 m²/377 ft² room with either one queen bed or two single beds)
  • Deluxe Room (38 m²/409 ft² room with two single beds)
  • Grand Deluxe (very spacious single 59 m²/635 ft² room with 1 king bed and 2 single beds or 1 king bed and 1 double bed, cater for 2 to 4 people)
  • Family 2-Bedroom Suite (spacious 60 m²/646 ft² suite with two room of one king bed each room)

One unique feature of the hotel is that there is common lounge for every three floors. The common lounge is useful for gathering of friends and family, which if the traveling group is big like a company trip, everyone can gather and do activities within the common lounge before going down to the main lobby.

Every three floors is a common lounge where all rooms are connected.

The common lounge is connected to each floor of that compartment by independent stairs. There are huge decorated pillars in the center that gives the majestic feel of the hotel. At the common lounge there are sofas where visitor can be sited and enjoy the surrounding.

The common lounge as seen from top.

The well decorated corridor outside the hotel room.

The hotel room is also decent with decent luxury design, good lighting and good window view of the surrounding city. The bed is comfortable and clean.

Decent room with two beds, nice table lamp, comfortable sofa seats and a huge window to view the city.

The small counter with the toilet with frosted window.

Toilet with all marble tiles.

Hotel kits that is supplied by the Meritz Hotel including Soap, Shampoo, Shower cap, Sanitary bag, Vanity kit and Dental kit.

On one side of the hotel there is good view of the city and its marina park. There are various high rise which most of them are hotels.

On the other side of the hotel there is good view of the Canada Hill that stretch along the Miri City line, and the Grand Old Lady – the first oil rig of Miri – at the top of Canada Hill.

The good view of Miri City.

The high raise building of Miri City including Mega Hotel, Pullman Hotel and Imperial Hotel.

Miri City is a growing city as seen from the high floor of Meritz Hotel.

We visited The Grand Old Lady All Day Dining for our breakfast. It is located at the high floor with good view of the city. In our package the breakfast is included in the hotel stay and hence we enjoy a buffet style breakfast with various food to choose from. There are eastern to western dishes, from bread to steak.

The Grand Old Lady All Day Dining decorated signage at Meritz Hotel Miri.

Comfortable executive style dining table.

The all day dining hall with a grand piano on one side.

The buffet style breakfast counter with wide range of food and drinks.

Everything is elegantly placed and designed.

Sausage and hash browns.

A decent meal.

A decent meal.

Meritz Hotel is a decent hotel to stay during your visit to Miri City. It is one of the local favorite hotel to choose from when you plan your stay in the heart of Miri City. Since there are many hotels within walking distance in the Heart of Miri, some visitors do prefer Hotel hopping from one to the other and enjoy different view of the city.