The locals of Miri City did make amazing handicraft, and the best place to look for vast collection of handicraft in Miri City is the Miri Handicraft Center. You can find woven basket, wood carvings, beads and ornaments, traditional clothing, paintings and traditional musical instruments here. All are handcrafted by local natives.

When you are visiting Miri City, this is the place that is worth a visit. Handicraft items can be purchase if you are interested in owning them in your collection. A good source of tourist souvenir.

The Miri Handicraft Center and the mural wall.

Place : Miri Handicraft Center

Address : Miri Handicraft Centre, 98000 Miri, Sarawak

Latitude : 4.3962049

Longitude : 113.991104

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Opening Hours : daily 9am to 6pm

Featured items :

  • Waving & Basketry from Palm, rattan, tree barks, bamboo and various other plants gathered from the forests.
  • Skillful Textile woven with a backstrap loom like the Pua Kumbu by the Iban women.
    Hand craft Pottery and earthenware.
  • Fine ceramic beadworks by the Orang Ulu that make fine bead necklaces and headgears.

Miri Handicraft Centre Signage.

The Miri Handicraft Center is located at the city center with close proximity to many hotels around. Meritz Hotel Miri, Kingsley Hotel Miri and Mega Hotel Miri are all within walking distance to Miri Handicraft Center. There are allot of parks and garden, landmark, various old commercial zones and shopping malls around if you wish to walking around.

The official opening of the Miri Handicraft Center on 27th January 2018.

The current location of Miri Handicraft Center did had a history of its own. Previously this place was originally the Miri Community Hall. It is the first community hall in Sarawak with seating capacity of 300 persons and was open to the public on 16th August 1958.

The Miri Community Hall was then converted into Miri Heritage Center on 14th September 2001. The main role of Miri Heritage Center is to promote local handicraft and arts that represent vast multicultural nature of more than 27 ethnic groups residing in northern region of Sarawak.

Then in 2016, the facility undergo major upgrade for the improvement in presentation in the ongoing city tourism endeavor. It is upgraded to the Miri Handicraft Center that we encounter today. After 60 years since the historic Miri Community Hall opening in 1958, the Miri Handicraft Center is finally officially launch in 2018.

Various hand made woven bags, straw hats and ornaments.

Canvas painting that features local native tribe on traditional costumes and another painting features a cow in the farm.

Various Handicraft ornaments.

Hand woven rattan trays.

Handicraft Ornaments.

Wooden craft shields that feature Hornbill artwork.

Hand made clothing.

Traditional hand made beads craft ornament and necklace.

Handicraft made from recycled strips.

Dream catcher ornaments.

hand made clothing.

There are many stalls within the handicraft center.

There are many stalls within the Miri Handicraft Center. Visitors can spend one hour walking around the Handicraft Center and enjoy viewing all different artwork from the local native community. There are also cafe beside the handicraft center that visitors can try out the local famous food and dishes. Do try out their famous layered cake or known as kek Lapis too.