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Tasik Biru, Bau, Sarawak | Blue Lake Boat Ride & Resort City

Tasik Biru, or know as Blue Lake of Bau, Sarawak, was previously a largest open-air gold and antimony mining in Sarawak in 1898-1921. The 390meters long, 160meters wide and 45meters deep mining crater had become a tourist attraction as it feature a huge lake with amazing stone cliff surrounding, small waterfall that flow directly into the lake and a secondary forest.

Parks and Gardens


Dinosaur Park at Coco Cabana Miri City

Dinosaur Park of Coco Cabana is a new attraction in Miri City. It is strategically located near famous landmark of marina park of Miri City, including the amazing sunset view beach front, Seahorse light house, Miri Central Park and the oil barrel shaped Miri City Hall.

Museum and Culture


Kuching Cat Museum – The world’s First and Largest Cat Museum

Historical and Monumental cat related artifact collection is not new in museum around the world, however having a cat museum dedicated for collection of cat related artifact is something that the Kuching Cat Museum offers. Kuching Cat Museum is the world's First and Largest Cat Museum, with more than 4000 exhibits, artifacts, photos, art and souvenir.

Art and Murals


Heritage Tourism


Heritage Tree of Kuching: The Silk-Cotton Tree at Merdeka Square Kuching

Common Name: Kapok Tree, Kabu-Kabu, Kekabu, Silk-Cotton Tree
Location: Center of Merdeka Square Kuching, Right in front of Merdeka Palace Hotel and Plaza Merdeka.
This 90 feet high Silk-Cotton Tree is listed under the heritage tree of Kuching by the Sarawak Government, with age near 100 years old and dates back to the reign of the Brooke family in Sarawak in 1840s. It is a famous for its massive size, huge roots buttresses complex, and snow like cotton that covers the whole field during its blossom (every 2-3 years).

    Event and Activities


    A Christmas Carol, Sarawak in Diversity 2023

    "A Christmas Carol, Sarawak in Diversity" is a biggest Christmas Carol gathering in Malaysia, as won and written in the Malaysia Book of Records on 3rd December 2023 at Padang Merdeka Kuching, Sarawak with a total of 2479 participants in a Christmas carol singing event. Everyone participate in singing of the famous classic Christmas song together and dance with the music.

    Festive Tourism


    Shop and Malls


    IKEA Damansara at Petaling Jaya

    IKEA is a well known international brand that is originated from Sweden more than 75 years ago, with current headquarters at Leiden, Netherlands. They have many franchises all around the world and famous for their variety of modern furniture, lighting, home decoration and utensils.

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    Travel and Transports


    Awana SkyWay (Gondola Lift) at Genting Highlands

    Awana Skyway is one of the tourist attraction at Resort World Genting. It is a upgraded mountain cable car (gondola lift) transport that connects the Genting Premium Outlet (Awana Central) with Chin Swee Caves Temple (mid way at Chin Swee Station) and the SkyAvenue Resort World Genting. The new upgraded system can serve 3,000 passenger one way every hour and is usually packed with visitors.

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