At the front entrance of the Restaurant.

Name : 天福素食馆 Thank Food Vegetarian Restaurant

Type : Chinese Cuisine Vegetarian / Vegan Restaurant

Address : No 30-31 Jalan Petanak 93100 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

Located at the Kuching City center, with a close vicinity to the Riverine Sapphire Condominium. It is also a short drive from the Padungan Roundabout Cat Statue and the Kuching South City Hall.

We visited the restaurant for dinner. The restaurant is still recognizable at night.

Latitude : 1.5552798988647276

Longitude : 110.36251350425705

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Contact : 082-236 806

Facebook Page :

It is a locally well known Chinese Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurant. It serve delicious vegetarian food and have many different variety. The restaurant can fit around 100 people and it is suitable for small events and gathering.

The price is acceptable for the good quality food served. The taste is suitable for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. The “meat” are mainly gluten based. For non-vegetarian, the “meat” do taste like real meat.

The interior of the dinning area in the restaurant.

The restaurant serve lunch and dinner. Small gatherings may require reservations.

The restaurant environment is also comfortable and air conditioned. The lighting is warm yellow with cream colored wall. A good environment for dining.

The delicious vegetarian meat dish.

Main Menu

Main Menu of Tank Food Vegetarian Restaurant, Available in small, medium and large size dish. The menu may subject to change.

  1. 四星报喜 Four Varieties Combination
  2. 五福临门 Five Varieties Combination
  3. 竹笙鱼翅羹 Bamboo Shark’s Fin Soup
  4. 发菜鱼翅羹 Shark Fin Soup with ‘Fa Chai’ Soup
  5. 海味竹签羹 Bamboo Shoot with Seafood
  6. 发菜海参羹 Seacucumber with ‘Fa Chai’ Soup
  7. 酸辣玉子羹 Szechuan Hot & Sour Soup
  8. 粟米豆腐羹 Sweet Corn Beancurd Soup
  9. 香椿皮蛋豆腐 Homemade Special Beancurd
  10. 红烧豆腐 Braised Beancurd
  11. 板烧豆腐 Hot Plate Sizzling Beancurd
  12. 咖喱什菜 Curry Mix Vegetable
  13. 咖喱冷当 Curry Rendang Chicken
  14. 咖喱羊肉 Curry Mutton
  15. 塔香一品锅 Clay Pot Mushroom
  16. 奶油菇 Butter Mushroom
  17. 麦片菇 Oat Mushroom
  18. 酸甜菇 Sweet & Sour Mushroom
  19. 娘惹鱼 Nyonya Style Mock Fish
  20. 芝士鱼 Butter Cheese Fish
  21. 蒙古式鳕鱼 Mongolia Style Cold Fish
  22. 泰式金福袋 ‘Golden Bag’ with Thai Style
  23. 红烧狮子头 Braised Lion Head Balls
  24. 蒙古凤球 Meat Balls with Mongolia Style
  25. 三杯鸡 ‘Shan Bei’ Chicken
  26. 煲仔狮子头 Claypot Lion Head
  27. 上海四季蔬 Mixed Vegetables with Almond Shanghai Style
  28. 香酥脆皮鸭 Crispy Duck
  29. 杏香排骨 Almond Ribs
  30. 蚝油时蔬 Fresh Seasonal Vegetarian with Oyster Sauce
  31. 罗汉伊面 Long Life Noodle
  32. 鸡丝面 K.C. Noodle

The noodle dish.

The Curry Dish.

Delicious Tofu Dish.

Drinks and Beverage Menu

The Drinks and Beverage menu of Thank Food Vegetarian Restaurant.

Drinks (Available in option of Hot and Cold drinks)

  1. 咖啡/鲜奶咖啡 Coffee/Coffee C
  2. 咖啡+糖 Coffee O
  3. 奶茶/鲜奶茶 Tea/Tea C
  4. 美禄/鲜奶美禄 Milo/Milo C
  5. 美禄+糖 Milo O
  6. 豆奶 Soya Bean
  7. 酸桔水 Lime Water
  8. 柠檬水 Lemon Water
  9. 中国茶 Chinese Tea
  10. 菊花茶 Chrysanthemum Tea
  11. 凉茶 Liang Tea
  12. 香片茶 Xiang Pian Tea


  1. 苹果汁 Apple Juice
  2. 柳橙汁 Orange Juice
  3. 凤梨汁 Pineapple Juice
  4. 西瓜汁 Watermelon Juice
  5. 番茄汁 Tomato Juice
  6. 黄瓜汁 Cucumber Juice
  7. 萝卜汁 Carrot Juice

Hot Tea Pot

  1. 中国茶(壶)Chinese Tea (Pot)
  2. 菊花茶(壶)Chrysanthemum Tea (Pot)
  3. 普洱茶(壶)Pu Er Tea (Pot)