The Kuching Christmas Parade 2019 is back again this year on 7th December 2019 at Kuching City. The yearly event attracts visitors near and far to witness this amazing event where more than 7,000 people participate in the Parade to spread the good news around.

Believer of Christ from different Churches in Kuching all gather together at the MBKS Jubilee Ground and engage in a 4KM Parade walk from the stadium to the kuching waterfront then back to the stadium, spreading the good news and giving gifts to the visitors beside the road. It is accompany with brass band performance, hymn singing, costumes and parade floats.

It is an event not to be missed when you are in Kuching City.

The Kuching Christmas Parade 2019 banner and the candle cross in front that is used for the candle lighting ceremony.

Event : Kuching City Annual Christmas Parade 2019

Theme : All I want for Christmas is JESUS

Date : 7th December 2019 (Saturday)

Assembly Time : 6.00 pm at MBKS Jubilee Ground

Organized by : Association of Churches in Sarawak and Kuching Ministers’ Fellowship

Main Host Church : Methodist Church SCAC

Activities : Praise and Worship, Caroling, Carol, Parade, Christmas Floats, Musical Band march, distribution of gifts.

The Full event Video for Kuching City Parade 2019

We have visited several past Kuching City Christmas Parade.

All gifts are ready to be given to road side visitors during the parade.

Before the start of the parade, there is raining few hours before and therefore the stadium ground is wet with occasional puddles. November-December is a well known monsoon season month in Kuching City and hence rain is being anticipated.

Different churches gather together in the stadium ground according to the allocated position.

Under the cool weather after rain, everyone are feeling cool under the cool breeze while waiting for the starting of the event.

The stadium is packed with paraders and it is estimated more than 7,000 people joining this year Christmas Parade.

Setting up the candle cross for the candle lighting ceremony later.

Paraders slowly gather at the stadium grounds.

By 6pm, the Christmas Parade Assembly Service officially started with Singing of Hymns, Reading of Scriptures, and Prayers. The Assembly Service is done in different language of English, Mandarin, Bahasa Malaysia and Iban.

Singing Hymns.

The Candle Lighting Ceremony where representative and leaders of various churches came and light up the candle.

The Christmas Parade officially started and paraders slowly move out of the stadium and walk along the route along the old Kuching City road that will pass various landmarks like the Kuching City Cat statue and Padungan old kuching city streets.

The Parade officially started and paraders slowly proceed out of the stadium to the Kuching City road.

Passing through the Kuching City Gateway.

Mobile Stable parade float.

The Grils Brigade.

There is a heavy downpour during halfway of the parade. Despite the rain, the parade still go on as usual.

Heavy downpour during halfway of the parade.

The carol team station in front of the old shop lots of padungan and singing carols.

The parade along the old city streets.

Lets sing aloud in the bubble shower.

Another carol team station.

Mascots and parade floats.

The Christmas Parade ends on 10pm and everyone was happy. The journey may not be pleasant under the heavy downpour but the spirit is still high as spreading of the gospel is the main objective.

If you had missed this year’s Christmas Parade, just wait for the next year Kuching Christmas Parade. We wait you there and hope you will be joining the parade too.