Balloon Love Arch at the entrance.

Event : Boulevard Balloon Showcase 2019

Location : Boulevard Shopping Mall, Kuching

Organizer: Boulevard Shopping Mall & De Jackie Inspirations

Date : December 2019 – January 2020

Entrance Fee : RM 5.00 per Entry

Theme : Valentine theme balloon park featuring stories of love from the distance.

The huge Planet Replica and balloon walkway.

Special attraction :

  • Balloon love arch.
  • Huge glowing replica of moon.
  • Galaxy tunnel and spiral galaxy balloon pillar.
  • Balloon walkway.
  • Classical love themed phone booth and love swing.

Below is a video we took during the event.

The ticket house and the main entrance to the Boulevard Balloon Showcase 2019.

It is December 2019 and joy is in the air. This is a Christmas and school holiday season and shopping malls are coming out with events that entertain children during the festive seasons.

The local favorite balloon decoration specialist – De jackie Inspirations and local favorite shopping mall – Boulevard Shopping Mall both in collaboration make this special event of Balloon Showcase 2019, featuring a title “Love You From 5.88 Trillion Miles”.

The balloon love arch as seen from the inside.

The balloon arch is made from many different sizes of balloons , ranging from white to pink to red. Accompany by color changing LED display, the arch appears beautifully at the entrance. Couples love to take photos here between the arch.

The two huge planet replica at the center of the atrium.

While entering the center of the atrium, there is two huge planet replica side by side. It features the love of two planets which was once far apart.

The view of the replica from an angle.

Couple love to take a photo shoot here as a close shot of moonlight silhouette. The two planets illuminated by internal lighting.

There is a crescent moon balloon hanging down from the ceiling.

There are many balloon cloud hanging from the ceiling. The balloon is illuminated by series of colorful LED lightings.

The galaxy tunnel and milky way spiral balloon pillar.

Located beside the atrium, there is a smaller space for a fully enclosed galaxy tunnel. The wall is lighted up with small blue LED string lights, and the center feature a spiral milky way pillar.

The Christmas tree balloon sculpture.

Within the same room there is also a Christmas tree balloon sculpture. People love to come here and take photo with  the amazing lighting and balloon arrangement.