Kuching Festival Fair 2017 is 2 days away and more than 250 stalls are on the preparation for the yearly event of kuching festival. Lets have a Sneak Peak on the event preparation site.

Booths had been set up in month advance slowly along the compound of the Dewan Masyarakat & Kuching Park. In past few days, banners and posters are aired and placed. Booths are decorated elaborately and creatively.

Below is a video showing how is the preparation is going on.

Kuching Festival is an annual event organised by Kuching South City Council to commenorate Kuching being elevated to City status on 1st August 1988 and held to boost local tourism and food industry.

This year the event starts on July 28, 2017 @ 4:00 pm and ends on August 20, 2017 @ 11:00 pm at Dewan Masyarakat & Kuching Park compound.

Remember to bring all your family member and children to come here.

The Entrance Doorway of the Kuching Festival Fair 2017

The Performance Stage Preparations.

The preparing of the stalls along the roadside.

Red Onion Nasi Lemak, Sambal Mee and Nasi Lemak Wrap.

Salted Egg Yolk Cha Kueh.

Handmade Baby Sponge Cake.

The Slizzling Pit.

Teochew Oyster Omelette.

Sushi Take-Out

Taiwan Sausage.

Taiwan Sausage.

Lin’s Taiwan Sausage.

Kuih Keladi.

Pandan Thai Delight.

Taiwan Sausage.

Life Cafe.

Tropical Fruits Gelato, Raintree Natural, Musang King Durian.

Traditional Ipoh Dishes.


The Duck Shop.

Mochi and Pork Belly.

Durian Puff.

Taiwan Snacks and Char Kueh.

BBQ & Grill Mexicorn.

Le Food Restaurant.

Traditional Nyonya Cakes.

Pork and Beef Noodles.

Oik Oik Sausage King and Grilled Fish.

Rojak Lah and Taiwan Snacks.

Fried Chicken and Chicken Popcorn.

Dumpling King.

Win Soon Cafe.


Soup Master Ah Yi.

Crazy Sweets – Built your own Taco Ice Cream.

EM Gold Chef roasted pig specialist.

Li Garden Restaurant.

Double Dragon Taiwan Sausage.

Let’s Pork Bistro & Catering.

Meow in Black.

Bangkok Thai Seafood Restaurant.

Hong Kong Style Chee Cheong Fun and Okonomiyaki.

Whak Whak Soya Custard.

A View across the road.

Satay & BBQ.

Mongolian Master.

Premier One o One Food Centre.

Mujin Traditional Teochew Oyster Omelette.

Musang King Sultan King Pizza.

Kuching Festival Curry Fishball.

Hon-Yan Sdn Bhd.

Hong Kong Style Chicken Wing.

Takoyaki Balls & Pancakes.

ChaCha Matcha Milk Tea.

Sausage House.

Melaka Satay Celup.

Hometown Barbecue Chicken.

Kuching Cat King Street Food.

IT-HNG Teochew Restaurant.

Kuching Park Hotel.

100% Pure Durian Desserts.


Squid King.

Golden Kasutera.

Horizon Cafe.

International Stick.

Delicious Oyster Omelette, Deep Fried Oyster and Fried Oyster Bun.

Ham Pa Lang Catering.

Loong Kee.

Lian Siang Enterprise.

Imperial Duck.

Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks.

Clans One Cafe.

Pork Dishes.

Xi Yue Restaurant.

Hup Chin Siang Satay.

Sabah Snacks.

Ultraman salted meals.

Enaki Golden Mushroom and Qing Qing Popsicles.

Special Rice Roll.

Omelette and Cheese.

Delicious Bento.

Potato Cheese Balls, BBQ Quail egg.

Crazy Corn.

Assam Curry Fishball Noodles and Rice Burger.

Korean Fried Chicken.

Fried Chicken Satay.

Chick & Cone.

Potato King.

Samantha Local Fruit.

Cheese Long.

Penang Hokkien Mee.

Herbal Egg.

Special Homemade Cheese Club.

Long Potato Fries and Vegetarian Food.

Croissant Taiyaki.

Just Add Cheese and Small Eats Street Food.

The Churros Factory and Sugar Rush.

Eggtart Workshop.



The TAROT Cafe.

Chic n Roo’s Simply Delicious.

Vegetarian Food Corner.

Classical Chinese Snacks.

Egg Tarts.

SMASH LAB! Potato & Cheese.

Crunchy Chou Stick Creampuff and HX Seafood Bucket.

Drawing of Mural Art.

Fruit stall, Taiwan fried octopus.

Potato Cheese Ball, Lok Mai Kai, Cheesy Meat Ball.

Classic Dumplings.

Bird-egg yaki.


Sarawak Laksa Delight.


Chicken wings, Pasta Kompia, Frozen Nana, Fried Milk.

Peanut Ice-Cream and Coconut Ice Cream.

Crunchy Fried Oyster.

Taiwan Snacks.

Deep fried rolls, Cheesetato with minions and Mango Chicken Wrap.

Pancakes and Peanut Ice Cream.


The Golden Dumpling.

Deep Fried Oyster and Shark Fin Soup.

Fried Dishes.

Fried Oyster and Teochew Oyster Omelet Price.

Cheese Sausage with Ham.

Teo Chew Oyster Omelette and Unicorn Dessert World.

Kuih Keladi – The Yam Cake with a dash of Granade grade Explosive.

A View across the road.

The Exit Doorway.