Location: Boulevard Shopping Mall Kuching, Sarawak

Address: Boulevard Shopping Mall, Taman Seng Goon, 93250 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

Boulevard Shopping Mall Kuching is one of the favorite shopping mall in kuching. It is a all in one destination air conditioned mall with many Retailer outlets, Boulevard Hypermarket, Imperial Hotel and Imperial Suit Appartments. It serve the shopping needs for the nearby resident areas such as Taman Berjaya, Taman Hui Sing.Its location was previously known as 3 1/2 mile Kuching.

Boulevard Shopping Mall Kuching is one of the favorite Pokémon hunting grounds in Kuching. Pokémon Go players can enjoy shopping while playing Pokémon safely in the comfort of a fully air-conditioned modern shopping mall.

There are 7 PokéStop within the mall with 4 of them is within reach in the lobby itself. Once all are activated, you will immerse in the Pokémon spawn frenzy.

boulevard shopping mall kuching pokestops

The Pokestops within reach of Boulevard Shopping Mall Kuching

The nearby PokéStops are:

  1. Birds Ants Hole (Recommended)
  2. Boulevard Water Features (Recommended)
  3. Bovine (Recommended)
  4. Boulevard Japanese Girl (Recommended)
  5. Boulevard Lion Head
  6. Chinese Fortune Plaque
  7. Black Hornbill
pokemon go players at boulevard

Tired of walking around to catch pokemon ? just sit down and relax and catch them all.

Next PokéStop : “PokéStop : Birds Ants Hole”