PokéStop : Boulevard Japanese Girl

This is safe PokéStop where you and your friend can enjoy catching Pokemons while shopping at the same time, under the comfort of indoor air conditioning. However to find the item as described in the image is unlikely.

Estimate Location :

Latitude : 1.508813

Longitude : 110.336173

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The “Boulevard Japanese Girl” portray a Japanese doll in traditional Japanese costume. This PokéStop is located at the new wing of Boulevard Shopping Mall, near the circular Atrium. It is likely a display item in one of the boutique at ground floor, however exact item unable to be found.

The Boulevard Japanese Girl Pokestop

The Boulevard Japanese Girl Pokestop at Boulevard Shopping Mall Kuching as shown in the map in Pokemon Go game.

This PokéStop spawns mainly ratata and pidgey, ocasionally Staryu, Gastly.

This PokéStop radius covers most of the new wing, and part of the Imperial Hotel, hence both shoppers and hotel guest can enjoy the gameplay. This pokestop is not accessible to the nearby busy road. Always aware of your surrounding while playing.

Click the link below to view the 360 view of the nearby circular atrium.

There is many nearby PokéStops within walking radius in the mall and you can get good overlap of PokéStops and hence good for farming of items and pokemons. Do try to activate Lure in all these stops. Once all are activated, you will emerge in the pokemon spawn frenzy.

The nearby PokéStops are:

  1. Birds Ants Hole (Recommended)
  2. Boulevard Water Features (Recommended)
  3. Bovine (Recommended)
  4. Boulevard Japanese Girl (Recommended)
  5. Boulevard Lion Head
  6. Chinese Fortune Plaque
  7. Black Hornbill
The pokemon spawn frenzy at boulevard

Try to Activate all nearby pokestops and forms a pokemon spawn frenzy within walk distance.

boulevard shopping mall kuching pokestops

The Pokestops within reach of Boulevard Shopping Mall Kuching

PokéStop : Boulevard Lion Head”