PokéStop : Black Hornbill

This is still a rather less accessible PokéStop where you and your friend can only enjoy catching Pokemons while shopping at limited retail shops. Might not be the best PokéStop of choice for activating Lure due limited public accessibility.

Estimate Location :

Latitude : 1.509537

Longitude : 110.336291

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The “Black Hornbill” claims to be Hornbill art made of Bilian Wood in the game, however it is rather a festive decoration hand crafted by using layers of polystyrene and painted black. It was once place along the pillars in the main gallery of the Boulevard Shopping Mall Kuching old wing, in celebrating “Gawai Dayak” of 2014/15, a harvest festival celebrated by natives of Sarawak, mainly Iban ethnics. Currently the masterpiece is no longer available, but might be available during the festive again.

The Black Hornbill Pokestop

The Black Hornbill Pokestop at Boulevard Shopping Mall Kuching as shown in the map in Pokemon Go game. It is hardly accessible from the main gallery of old wing, but might be accessible to some retail shop.

This PokéStop is not easily accessible to the people walking at the main hallway or gallery at the shopping mall, unless certain retail shop closer to the PokéStop. Occasionally able to access from Popular book store, part of Boulevard Hypermarket. The PokéStop radius is not well tested indoors due to less accuracy of GPS indoors.

As from the outside of the building, it is still not a recommended wander and catch PokéStop as there is loading bay and basement car park exit close by, part of the area is restricted for authorized personal only. It is still possible for the adjacent resident houses (Behind the mall) to get hold of the Pokestop. But since there is many more better PokéStop option within the mall, this PokéStop is usually left unvisited.

There is many nearby PokéStops within walking radius in the mall and you can get good overlap of PokéStops and hence good for farming of items and pokemons. This PokéStop however do not overlap with any near by PokéStop and still need some walking distance.

The nearby PokéStops are:

  1. Birds Ants Hole (Recommended)
  2. Boulevard Water Features (Recommended)
  3. Bovine (Recommended)
  4. Boulevard Japanese Girl (Recommended)
  5. Boulevard Lion Head
  6. Chinese Fortune Plaque
  7. Black Hornbill
boulevard shopping mall kuching pokestops

The Pokestops within reach of Boulevard Shopping Mall Kuching