PokéStop : Chinese Fortune Plaque

This is still a rather less accessible PokéStop where you and your friend can only enjoy catching Pokemons while shopping at limited retail shops. Might not be the best PokéStop of choice for activating Lure due limited public accessibility.

Estimate Location :

Latitude : 1.510657

Longitude : 110.336356

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The “Chinese Fortune Plaque” is plaque that have blessing wordings on it, or motives that symbolize good luck or fortune. In some believes that it may have power to ward off evil spirits. However, in this context, it is an item display for sell rather than an artwork or landmarks. It is once available for sell at the top floor of the Boulevard Hypermarket departmental store. However currently it was run by another Home decoration company in selling modern furniture and decorations. Hence this plaque is no longer can be found.

The Chinese Fortune Plaque Pokestop

The Chinese Fortune Plaque Pokestop at Boulevard Shopping Mall Kuching as shown in Pokemon Go game.

This PokéStop is located actually at an odd location. In actual map, it is an outdoor area between Boulevard Shopping Mall and Toyota Boulevard Jaya building. It is very close to the mall basement car park exit. Might not be a good choice for wander and catch Pokemon Go players at the outside. However it is still accessible in parts of the Boulevard Hypermarket and Toyota Boulevard Jaya Service center.

It is still possible for the adjacent resident houses (Behind the mall) to get hold of the PokéStop. But since there is many more better PokéStop option within the mall, this PokéStop is usually left unvisited by most.

There is many nearby PokéStops within walking radius in the mall and you can get good overlap of PokéStops and hence good for farming of items and pokemons. This PokéStop however do not overlap with any near by PokéStop and still need some walking distance.

The nearby PokéStops are:

  1. Birds Ants Hole (Recommended)
  2. Boulevard Water Features (Recommended)
  3. Bovine (Recommended)
  4. Boulevard Japanese Girl (Recommended)
  5. Boulevard Lion Head
  6. Chinese Fortune Plaque
  7. Black Hornbill
boulevard shopping mall kuching pokestops

The Pokestops within reach of Boulevard Shopping Mall Kuching

PokéStop : Black Hornbill”