Wholesome means good health and good well-being. There is a Restaurant at Saradise Kuching named Wholesome Restaurant that offers healthy food from various famous local dish to various Asian and western dish.

The Wholesome Restaurant signage at night.

The Wholesome Restaurant storefront.

Operation hours : Daily 11.00AM-9.30PM

Phone: 082-528 857

Address: Ground Floor, Lot 42, Block D1, Saradise kuching Saradise, 93350, Kuching, Sarawak

Latitude : 1.5045784929287573

Longitude : 110.36225795745851

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Located at the new commercial hub in Kuching, Saradise is a integrated development zone with with sustainability in mind, feature areas of healthcare to area of sustainability living. There are spacious grounds with huge trees and jogging tracks around the commercial area.

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/wholesome.kch/

The green plants in front of the shop.

The storefront of the restaurant decorated with a row of green potted plants . There is outdoor and indoor dining area. The indoor dining area is air conditioned and well decorated. The wall is decorated with wooden panels. The motto for wholesome restaurant is “Food is the ingredient that binds us together”.

The wall decoration behind the spacious and comfortable dining area.

There are comfortable sitting for friends and family to enjoy the tasty and healthy food. The decorated wall also feature many decorative ornaments lit by warm lights.

The ornaments on the decorated wall.

The restaurant can be fully packed during peak hours.

At peak hours the restaurant can be full and may need to queue up for dining in. Most people visit during lunch and dinner time. Reservation can be made early to prevent disappointment, especially if larger group gathering is needed.

The wholesome restaurant is one of the locally well known healthy food restaurant that cater for the health conscious customers.

The Spoon and Fork on the table.

We try out some of their dish and satisfy with their offer. The dish is offered with good portion.

Deep fried Enoki Mushroom with herbs.

The deep fried enoki mushroom is served hot and crispy, matching well with the sauce.

Grilled Lamb Shoulder with black pepper sauce.

Close look of the Grilled Lamb Shoulder with black pepper sauce.

The Lamb shoulder is tender and taste great with black pepper sauce.

Fish and Chip.

Fish and Chip.

Tasty wraps.

Tuna with mixed vegetable wraps.

We also try out their recommended wrap. We like the tuna wrap. The wrap have healthy portion of vegetable and eggs.

Cheese hotdog wraps.

Wholesome Restaurant Menu

The wholesome restaurant menu for your reference. Subject to change from time to time.

The wholesome restaurant menu.

The Wholesome Restaurant Menu.

The refresh menu.

To Refresh

  • OCEAN BOWL – Soothe your taste with spirulina, crunchy granola and seasonal fruits.
  • ACAI BOWL – Excites your tastebuds with Acai, top with seasonal fruits.
  • TROPICAL BOWL – Refresh yourself with beetroot, top with seasonal fruits.
  • PEANUT BUTTER BOWL – Sweeten your moments with peanut butter, top with crunchy granola and frutis.

To Start Menu.

To Start

  • CAESAR SALAD WITH GRILLED SALMON – Coddied egg, salmon flakes, green coral with crouton covered in caesar dressing.
  • BEEF BACON SALAD WITH CRISPY SWEET POTATO – Honey mustard beef bacon with hint of crispy sweet potato.
  • APPLE SALAD WITH RAISIN AND CASHEW – Cashew, apple and green coral in mayonnaise dressing.
  • GRILLED CHICKEN SALAD – Chicken breast in cajun mix with green coral.

To Warm


To Local Menu

To Local

  • CHAR KWAY TEOW – Flat rice noodles fried with soy sauce, seasoned with chicken slice and calamari.
  • FRIED RICE – Mixed diced vegetables blended with chicken slice and calamari.
  • MEE MAMAK – Yellow noodles cooked with dried tofu and chicken slice, with a hint of spice.

To Bite Menu

To Bite

  • CALAMARI FRITTI WITH HOT PEPPER – Deep fried calamari.
  • CHICKEN POPCORN – Herbs coated chicken bites.
  • CRISPY ENOKI MUSHROOMS WITH SAUCE – Deep fried enoki mushrooms with herbs.

To Fill Menu

To Fill Menu

To Fill

  • MUSHROOM CARBONARA – Carbonara base with shiitake mushroom, shimeji mushroom & beef bacon.
  • PRAWN SCAMPI PASTA – Butter sauce with garlic & prawn.
  • SEAFOOD AGLIO E OLIO – Garlic sauce base topped with chili flakes, calamari & green mussels.
  • BEEF BACON SPINACH PESTO – Spinach based sauce infuse with cashew nut, herbs & beef bacon.
  • SEAFOOD MARINARA – Tomato based sauce with prawn, calamari & green mussels.
  • SHIITAKE CHICKEN ARRABIATTA – Tomato based sauce with chicken breast, shiitake mushroom and bird eye chili.
  • BEEF RAGU PASTA – Tomato based sauce with herbs & beef.

The Western Menu

To Western Menu

To Western

  • PISTACHIO SALMON SERVE WITH LEMONGRASS SAUCE – Pan fried salmon topped with roasted pistachios.
  • PARMESAN HERBS CRUSTED LAMB SHOULDER – Golden coated tender lamb with herbs.
  • CRISPY FRIED CHICKEN WITH COMEBACK SAUCE – Golden coated chicken paired with homemade sauce.
  • FISH & CHIPS – Crusty fish fillet with tartar sauce.
  • CHICKEN CHOP – Grilled chicken serves with black pepper sauce.
  • GRILLED LAMB SHOULDER WITH ROSEMARY SAUCE – Juicy grilled lamb infused with herbs & rosemary garlic.
  • GRILLED SIRLOIN SERVE WITH BLACK PEPPER SAUCE – Rich flavour sirloin serves with black pepper sauce.

To Wrap Menu

To Wrap

  • JAPANESE WRAPS – Japanese inspired tobiko eggs, sushi sheet, crab sticks in wholesome sauce.
  • TUNA WRAPS – Tuna sides with mix vege and wholesome sauce.
  • GRILLED CHICKEN WRAPS – Grilled chicken mix with cabbage in BBQ sauce.
  • CHICKEN CHEESE HAM WRAPS – Chicken Ham complements with mix vege, cheese slice and wholesome sauce.
  • CHICKEN FLOSS WRAPS – Chicken floss sids with cabbage and wholesome sauce.
  • CHEESE HOTDOG WRAPS – Hot dog wrapped in cheese slice, cabbage and wholesome sauce.
  • VEGETABLE WRAPS – Mix vege infused in wholesome sauce.

To Drink Menu

To Drink – Tea

  • BLACKCURRANT TEA – Natural fruity taste
  • DETOX – A pleasantly and balanced herbal blend
  • EARL GREY – A pleasantly unique taste and flavour
  • GREEN TEA – The finest leaf
  • PEACH & PASSION FRUIT – Flavoured black tea with fruit pieces taste
  • PEPPERMINT & LEMON – A refreshing & relaxing digestive

To Drink – Hot Drinks

  • MILO

To Drink – Tropical Fruity