The kuching Christmas Parade is back again this year with a title “God’s Love” ! It had been delayed for two years due to pandemic, and finally is back again where Christians from different churches in Kuching will be on board the parade to spread the Good News around the city.

As usual the 4 KM route starts from MBKS Jubilee Ground to Kuching Waterfront then back to the MBKS Jubilee Ground. This year there are more than five thousand participant for the Christmas Parade despite heavy downpour during the parade.

Kuching Christmas Parade 2022.

Event : Kuching City Annual Christmas Parade 2022

Theme : God’s Love

Date : 3rd December 2022 (Saturday)

Assembly Time : 6.00 pm at MBKS Jubilee Ground

Organized by : Association of Churches in Sarawak and Kuching Ministers’ Fellowship

Main Host Church : Methodist Church SCAC

Activities : Praise and Worship, Caroling, Parade, Christmas Floats, Musical Band march, distribution of gifts.

The Full event Video for Kuching City Parade 2022

We have visited several past Kuching City Christmas Parade.

Kuching Christmas Parade 2022 Route

The 4KM parade route takes everyone along various churches, landmarks and major tourist attractions in Downtown Kuching. There are also many hotels and inns along the route with many international visitors.

The Parade Route of Kuching Christmas Parade 2022.

Along the route

  1. Starting from Jubilee Sports Ground towards Jalan Padungan
  2. Jalan Padungan Roundabout (HSBC Roundabout)
  3. White Cat statue of Kuching City
  4. Kuching Chinatown Gate
  5. Jalan Padungan Old Shophouses
  6. Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman (Waterfront)
  7. Tun Jugah Shopping Center
  8. Cats statue in front of Grand Margherita
  9. Riverside Majestic & Riverside Shopping Complex
  10. Hilton Kuching
  11. Lebuh Temple (Temple Street)
  12. Tua Pek Kong Temple Kuching
  13. Harbour View Hotel Kuching
  14. Lebuh Wayang (Wayang Street)
  15. Star Cineplex
  16. Jalan Tabuan
  17. SMK St Mary
  18. Borneo Hotel
  19. Jalan Ban Hock
  20. Grand Continental Hotel Kuching
  21. Lot 10 Boutique Hotel
  22. Lorong Central Timur 3
  23. Back to Jubilee Sports Ground car park

Church Stations

There is several Church Stations along the parade route:

  • Roman Catholic Church : Padungan
  • Seventh-Day Adventist Church / Salvation Army / Sarawak Baptist Church : Tun Jugah / Top Spot
  • BEM (SIB) Church : Reverside Shopping Mall
  • Methodist Church Kuching East & English District : Kuching Hilton / Waterfront
  • Anglican Church : Borneo Hotel Kuching
  • Methodist Church Kuching West District / Methodist SIAC : Ban Hock Road
  • SECA / Blessed Church : MBKS Flat

Participating Churches

  • Roman Catholic Church
  • Anglican Church
  • Methodist Church SCAC
  • Methodist Church SIAC
  • BEM (SIB) Church
  • Seventh Day Adventist Church
  • The Salvation Army
  • Sarawak Baptist Church
  • Blessed Church
  • Sarawak Grace Assembly Kuching
  • Hope Church Kuching
  • Calvary Family Church
  • Good News Fellowship
  • City Harvest Church
  • Fellowship of Evangelical Students (FES) from universities

Parking Plans

Major event like this will cause expected traffic detour and blockage. It is important to plan ahead in where to park your vehicles.

The parking available for parade participant are located in front of the Jubilee Sports Ground, car park around the MBKS building, car park beside the MBKS swimming pool & Sarawak Hockey Stadium, and SRK Lumba Kuda’s car park. Alternatively there are also parking beside the Kuching Chinatown Gate, behind Prudential Assurance Malaysia (Kuching) and in front of HSBC Bank.

As for visitors, there are many available beside shoplots and shopping malls. However do ensure that your vehicle do not obstruct the traffic and park responsibly.

Alternatively you can choose to use public transport and e-hailing transport.

Latitude : 1.5503850675605675

Longitude : 110.36105632781982

Open map with : [Waze] [Google Map] [Bing Map] [HERE Map]

Things to bring

Always be prepared before you go for any major event. Things to bring before going for a parade :

  • Ample amount of water, keep well hydrated.
  • Comfortable and acceptable attire .
  • Portable battery banks for your mobile devices and portable USB fans.
  • Umbrella – It is a monsoon season in November-December with chances of heavy downpour.
  • White Candle with DIY wind shield with clear plastic bottle .
  • Light sticks, balloons, banner, display cards, musical instrument etc.
  • Christmas gift to be given away during parade.

Preparation of the Kuching Christmas Parade 2022

People participating in the parade arrived in the stadium as early as 4pm. Everyone is eager to join this year event as it is already delayed for two years due to pandemic.

Year 2022 is mostly a wet year with anticipating of daily rains throughout the year. Hence without hesitation, everyone is ready with their rain coats and umbrella. The air is cool in the evening with occasional cool breeze. The sky is cloudy with high chances of heavy rainfall.

The front stage in front of the stadium.

Brass bands from various boys and girls brigades are ready with their uniform and instruments. There are several chapter of brigades are involve in the parade.

The brass band of boys brigades are ready on the stadium grounds.

Having a quick evening meals before waiting for all the paraders to come and gather.

By 5.30pm, the stadium is slowly packed up with crowds and everyone is anxiously waiting for the event to start. There is allocated location for members of different churches to gather in the running track of the stadium.

Arrival of parades members from various churches in Kuching.

The Sarawak Baptist Church member.

The rain did come early at around 6pm. Despite the rain, everyone are still heated up and eager to go on with the Christmas Parade.

There is rain but we fear no rain.

Colorful patches in the sea of umbrellas.

Long Line of parade members are ready on the running track of the stadium.

The Kuching Christmas Parade 2022 Assembly Service

Before the official starting of the Kuching City Christmas Parade, there is assembly service where pastor from different churches will gather on the stage for the service.

The whole service is run in multiple different language, in keeping with the unity in diversity spirit of Sarawak. Language used including English, Mandarin, Bahasa Malaysia, and Iban.

The Kuching Christmas Parade Assembly Service.

Download the Assemble Service 2022 Slides : Assembly Service 2022 slides.pdf

The Agenda of the Assembly Service includes :

  • Apostle’s Creed
  • Singing Hymn : O Come O Ye Faithful
  • Opening Prayer by Rev Witty Kendu , Anglican Church
  • Scripture Reading 1 : Deuteronomy 7:7-11 (in English) by Bro. Douglas Aseng , The Salvation Army
  • Scripture Reading 2 : Psalms 103:8-18 (in Iban) by Rev Elizabeth Enjut , Methodist SIAC
  • Scripture Reading 3 : John 3:16-17 (in English) by Bro. Tommy Ong , Sarawak Baptist Church
  • Scripture Reading 4 : Romans 8:32-39 (in Bahasa Malaysia) by Pr Chan Tin Loi , Seventh-Day Adventist Church
  • Pray for Kuching & Sarawak by Pr. Abel Vincent , Sarawak Ecumenical Christian Association
  • Scripture Reading 5 : 1 John 4:7-12 (in Chinese) by Geoff David Koh , Sarawak Blessed Church
  • Scripture Reading 6 : Revelation 1:4-8 (in Bahasa Malaysia) by Pr. Pelakung Samun , BEM Church
  • Pray for Malaysia by Pr. Greman Ujang Slat , Sarawak Ecumenical Christian Association
  • Singing Hymn : Silent Night
  • Benediction by Archbishop Simon Poh , Roman Catholic Church
  • Commencement of Parade and Offering Collection

Singing Hymn : O Come O Ye Faithful

Scripture Reading.

Pray for Kuching and Sarawak by Pr. Abel Vincent.

Singing Hymn : Silent Night.

The Kuching Christmas Parade 2022

After the Assembly Service, the Kuching Christmas Parade 2022 officially being commenced. The parade is lead by leaders from various churches, with the parade banner and brass band team in front. Despite the heavy rain, the event still goes on as planned.

The Kuching Christmas Parade 2022 banner.

The Brass band team in front of the banner.

Slowly all the parade members exiting the stadium according to their representing churches.

Parade in the rain.

Heavy rain and the parade still goes on.

Citizens and visitors gather along the road side beside the parade route.

Happy to be part of the visitor to the parade event even there is heavy downpour.

The rain slowly progress into heavy downpour halfway through the parade journey. However it never slow down the parade flow. The happiness is still in the air while visitors continue to cheers while witness the parade event.

Family members gather beside the roadside to witness the Kuching Christmas Parade.

The parade goes on under the heavy downpour.

The brass band march goes on even under the heavy downpour.

The parade float.

The parade slowly march through the city streets.

The brass band team.

The parade float still brightly lit up colorfully despite the rain.

Everyone is happy, being a participant of the parade.

Merry Christmas ! cheers !

The Roman Catholic Church parade floats.

Sacred Heart Church.

The parade march.

Everyone had different ways to spread the good news.

Cheers to the camera.

Handsome Santa Claus hidden within the parade crowd.

The Iban Methodist Church.

Everyone is still energetic after the 4KM parade march.

Singing on the Parade Float.

Spreading the gospel in child favorite Lego style.

The Candy Car parade float.

Decorated van from Sarawak Blessed Church.

The jellyfish umbrella with lights.

Singing along the way.

Everyone is happy.

Group photos in front of the the parade float.

Costume of animals from land and sea.

Everyone is happy.

Jesus love you lit up signage.

Everyone is happy to be part of the parade.

The Brass Band Performance.

The light house theme parade float.

The parade goes on.

One of the parade float.

The Kuching Christmas Parade goes on till 10pm until everyone complete the journey. It is a challenging journey due to the heavy downpour but in the end everyone are still happy with the parade.

The Parade is a yearly event in Kuching City. If you had missed this event, you can always come back and witness the parade of the following year. We welcome you with a warm heart and hope to see you in the next event.