Sunway Pyramid is a famous shopping mall in Kuala Lumpur since 20th century.

We visited here during CNY festival and the mall is full of Chinese New Year rooster theme decorations.

In Chinese Sunway Pyramid is known as 双威金字塔.

The Sunway Pyramid mall’s entrance section and front lobby is an Egyptian-inspired Pyramid design with a lion standing guard at the entrance.

The huge lion is the logo and mascot of the mall and now is joined by two domes after the expansion of the Orange Atrium and Blue Atrium.

The Orange Atrium is an architectural marvel with its sun flare pattern and bright, warm and radiant hues inspired by the Sun God ‘Ra’

The Blue Atrium is named according to the Great River Nile with design of shade of blue inspired by the water waves of river Nile.

Connected to Sunway Pyramid shopping mall is the Sunway Lagoon Water theme park. While Sunway College is just situated beside the theme park.