Name: Sunway Velocity Mall
Address: Sunway Velocity Mall
Lingkaran SV, Sunway Velocity,
55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: (+603) 2786 3900
Email: [email protected]
Operation Hours: 10.00AM till 10.00PM

A new Shopping Mall with Velocity and Magnitude had just sprung up at Cheras Kuala Lumpur recently!

Introducing the Sunway Velocity Mall, located at a prime area of Sunway Velocity, this new mall had recently open to the public in December 2016, have slowly gain popularity in the locals. This futuristic designed mall comprises of 7 levels and 4 unique precincts – Market Place, Vanity Hall, Food Street Food and The Balcony.

With close vicinity to the connecting Ampang Line LRT and upcoming KL MRT, this mall have the potential to be another connecting Hub for the locals and afar.

In this season of New Year, Sunway Velocity Mall have something new to offer, a fully Chinese New Year Themed decoration and events. Noticibly is the LEGO Lunar New Year Rooster Event from the 5th to 8th January 2017 during our visit to the mall.

Sunway Velocity Mall, a huge shopping paradise in Cheras just completed a month ago. The decorations in this mall are really gorgeous especially during Chinese New Year season.

We have compile a short video on our visit to Sunway Velocity Mall.

At the entrance of the Sunway Velocity Mall.

Property sales at the ground floor near the entrance.

Signage of Sunway Velocity Mall of Kuala Lumpur

More Happenings at the Main Atrium of Sunway Velocity Mall, with Stalls selling Chinese New Year ornaments and merchandise. The Atrium is decorated with decorative plum blossoms trees and Red carpet.  Redness is the main color theme, which representing prosperity, with contrast to milky yellow color rims of Balcony of each floor.

Pulm Blossoms decorated the Main Atrium of Sunway Velocity Mall.

Each floor have different shade of balcony edge color, significantly increase in tone with each succession in levels.

A view from the 3rd floor.

Banners of the latest events. This showing the Winds of Prosperity event at Sunway Velocity Mall from 31st Dec 2016 – 30th Jan 2017.

Interesting contrast of the connecting escalator with the surrounding.

A walk at the Main Atrium, where the Chinese New Year Bazaar is going on.

Majestic Pillars of Red decorated with red cloth.

A view from the ground floor.

Sun is the main theme in the mall design, as with the name of this mall – Sunway Velocity Mall – which begins with a Sun. Sun traditionally represent great happenings, great hope, brightness, pureness and positivity. Hence with no exception the huge Sun Roof is presented at the Main Atrium of the mall.

Remember the scene from Rapunzel the Animated Disney movie, this huge sun on the ceiling have similarity in concept and design. It is geometrically equal in all direction, making a perfect circular symmetry.

Looking up directly from the center of Main Atrium will show a massive ceiling design with a symbolic sun.

Wings of Prosperity is the theme of this Chinese New Year celebration in Sunway Velocity Mall this year. Visitor will notice huge Hand Fans replica as the background of the Main Stage at Main Atrium. The fans is decorated with plum blossom drawings and flying birds.

Also with the stage decoration is a 3D replica model of a Rooster at the right side of the stage.  Visitors can have a photographic selfies and wefies with this setup .

The grand stage at the Main Atrium, with Huge Hand Fans replica as backdrop, in keeping with the theme “Wings of Prosperity”

The Name “Sunway Malls” at the stage.

More plum and red lanterns around the Main Atrium of the mall.

Decorative plum trees and red lanterns.

Creatively designed interior canopy with shape of a plum flower.

Many Chinese New Year related merchandise and ornaments are on sell, from decorative potted flowers, hampers, foods and traditional clothing.

In the Flower market, there is many potted plants to choose from. Options includes mini orange tree, twisting bamboos, chrysanthemum, bonsai, small decorative flowers, etc. All flowers are carefully breed and bloomed.

A full size Chinese figure welcome you to the Flower Market.

A full size Chinese figure welcome you to the Flower Market.

More Hampers on sale at the JDX Tea stall.

Arrays of Hampers.

Chinese traditional treats

Very exciting LEGO Lunar New Year Rooster Event from the 5th to 8th January 2017 at Main Atrium, Ground Floor, Sunway Velocity Mall. Kids will sure like this LEGO event with many of the new LEGO on sale and display of the Rooster LEGO setup.

The Rooster LEGO Event Poster.

Few of the assembled LEGO Chicken on display.

One of the LEGO Chicken.

A view from level 2, the Rooster LEGO Event.

Another view of the Rooster LEGO Event.

Away from the Chinese New Year themed designs at the Atrium, there is various surprises around the mall.

An creative artwork by the UCSI University in collaborate with the mall and Nippon paint company.

Another Artwork. Expressing the range of colors that can be produced with new Nippon paint colorant mixing technology.

The Wavy Ceiling creates a sense of motion to the scene.

Queuing up for a decent treat.

Around the Mall.

Many customers queuing up for a meal.

Shojikiya japanese retail store.

Sushi Zanmai Japanese Restaurant.

Pat Kin Pat Sun Cafe.

BAR.B.Q restaurant.

Sign up now with the BAR B CON Club! Here’s a cute little green dragon figure with traditional cheong sam dress and hat.

Series of classic light fixtures.

Incandescent Filament Lamps hanging from the ceiling, giving a retro feel.

Other than the Main Atrium, there is also a Vanity Atrium.

The Entrance

Smaller arrays of Sun Roof Ceilings.

The Vanity Atrium.

Indoor Skating at Vanity Atrium of the Mall.

Doraemon Fair with lots of Doraemon merchandise to choose from.

The Doraemon figure poster from the recent Doraemon Fair in December.

Movie buffs have a reasons to be here – The TGV Cinemas is available here.

A huge wall of wordings ” Shop Dine Play Live”

The Sunway Velocity Mall also packed with some excited surprises around. Notably the replica of the famous Mural from Penang. It is located at the food district, with many themed elements, so that food hunters can indulge with their favorite food while immersing with the environment.

This is a replica of the Actual Mural that is actually located in Penang.

A close up view of the Girl on Bicycle Mural.

Another Famous Mural in Penang was replicated here at the mall.

There are fun areas for Kids too. Parents can rest their irritating kids here and have fun. Many game stations and activity can be done here, even an artificial black sand beach for sand castle !

Lets digging and finding some treasure , or just build some sand castle.

More Kids activities areas.

Hong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert.



Pet shop and hamsters for sale .

Well, in conclusion, it is a descent and convenient shopping hub with various fresh new ideas and designs. Some may still find it new with lots of potential improvements.