Location: The Spring Shopping Mall

Address: The Spring Shopping Mall, Jalan Simpang Tiga, Kuching, 93300 Sarawak, Malaysia.

Website: www.thespring.com.my

The Spring Shopping Mall is one of the first large-scale lifestyle shopping mall located at the main road of Jalan Simpang Tiga, Kuching. It is open to the public on 10th January 2008 and stay as the Kuching’s largest shopping mall until 2013 when Bolevard Mall was completed. This Mall was awarded the Best Shopping Mall 2012/2013 for Sabah and Sarawak by Tourism Malaysia.

The Spring Mall Kuching

The Spring Shopping Mall Kuching

In this two storey building, you will find Parkson, Ta Khiong gourmet supermarket, MPH, HSL, Factory Outlet, Padini, Bonia, Bata, Hush Puppies, K2Factor, Mango, Esprit, Guess, Coach and other established brands. This building also hosting MBO Cinemas, Food Bazaar and a small children theme park.

With mission “Delivering FRESH shopping experiences through retail innovations”, this RM150 million project was designed by a New Zealand-based architectural firm, Warren & Mahoney.

The Spring Mall Glass Atrium

The Glass Atrium at the main entrance of The Spring Shopping Mall, allowing natural lighting into the mall while insulating from the tropical heat.

The main concept of this mall is “Spring” , which also signify “FRESH” and an new beginning, a new seasons. There is a massive glass atrium at the entrance,and careful alignment of sky windows along the retail shops. The Mall is passively bath with natural sunlight during the day, while still insulated from the hot tropical weather. Along the marble floor of the mall, it is decorated with many symbolic spring flower motif.

The Spring Shopping Mall is one of the famous farming hot spots. List of PokéStop at The Spring Shopping Mall Kuching are :

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