BENAK (Tidal Bore) Festival Sri Aman 2016
Date: 14-16 October 2016
Location: Batang Lupar River, Sri Aman, Sarawak
Theme: “Think Tidal Bore, Visit Sri Aman”
Terokai Keunikan & Cabaran Fenomena Benak di Batang Lupar, Sri Aman, Sarawak, Malaysia.
Organizer: Pasukan Petugas Pelancongan (Tourism Task Group) Bahagian Sri Aman , Pejabat Residen Bahagian Sri Aman
Jalan Astana, 95000, Sri Aman, Sarawak, Malaysia
Tel: 083-323366,322704
Fax: 083-320568,321648

The Tidal Bore Festival (also known as Pesta BENAK in the locals) Sri Aman is an annual celebration and carnival in conjunction of the Tidal Bore Natural Phenomena resulting from the “King Tide” at Batang Lupar River. The Tidal Bore Phenomena of Batang Lupar is ranked 4th of the top ten Tidal Bore of the world in year 2014. This year Tidal Bore festival will be the 14th Tidal Bore celebration since its first conception.

The Festival and Carnival events includes Regatta Benak, Cultural & Traditional performances, Food Bazzar, Fashion show, Mr & Miss Benak, Mini Sports, Big Bikers gathering, Benak Masterchef and many more. It is a showcase of local cultural and traditions in a form of festival. People from near and far will gather and visit this unique 4 days events.

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Introduction to BENAK

BENAK is the local name for Tidal Bore at Batang Lupar River. Tidal Bore is a natural phenomena caused by a raising tide from the deep sea towards a shallow and narrow bay (funneling), forming a unique bore waves that travels upwards against the river direction. The formation of Bores are closely related to the geography landscape of the area.

The sea level raises and falls as a result from the natural gravity interaction from the moon and sun. When the raising tide water from large body of water such as the sea moving towards a more shallow or narrow bays, the sea waves forms against the sea shores. The steeper the difference in depth, the higher the waves. In certain area with large tidal range (typically if there is more than 6 meters difference between high and low water), the flooding of the tide may create higher waves and push further inland.

Geography Benak Batang Lupar

The unique geography causing a Funneling effect on incoming raising tide, forming a natural phenomena of Tidal Bore gushing upwards Batang Lupar River.

The Unique Funnel-Like Geography of Batang Lupar River further allow the Tidal Bore to travel along the most length of the river, reaching deeper inland. The Tidal Bore Festival was celebrated at small town of Sri Aman, which is small town deep inland along the River. It is amazing how Tidal Bore travel so far inland.

Although there is high and low tide changes two times a day, but the tide difference will be greatest nearing the Full Moon and New Moon. Hence it is possible to have phenomena of Tidal Bore twice a month. The height of the Tidal Bore closely related to the position of the Sun and Moon.

Tide Forecast

Below is the official tide forecast timetable released by the organizer:

DateMorningEveningWater Height
14th October 2016025614555.6 meters
15th October 2016033915505.8 meters
16th October 2016042116426.2 meters
17th October 2016050117346.4 meters

For more information on Tide Levels at Kuching (and also Batang Lupar, Sri Aman area), please visit website Tide-Forecast.

Pesta Benak 2016 banner

The Pesta Benak Sri Aman 2016 Welcome Banner.

Pesta BENAK 2016 Time Table

14th-16th October 20167.30am – 5.00pmRegata BenakBatang Lupar
14th-16th October 20168.00am – 10.00pmBazar Ria BenakBandar Sri Aman
14th-16th October 20168.00am – 5.00pmATM Bersama KomunitiTaman Panorama Benak
14th-16th October 20168.00am – 5.00pmPameran BenakGaleri Benak/ Booth Urusetia
14th-16th October 20168.00am – 5.00pmPameran Agensi KerajaanTebing Batang Lupar
14th-16th October 20168.00am – 5.00pmBenak Bike Gathering & AutoshowHadapan Hoover Hotel
14th October 20168.00am – 2.00pmSaringan Miss Tourism BenakPentas Budaya Ria
14th October 20162.00pm – 5.00pmSaringan Benak IdolPentas Budaya Ria
14th-15th October 20168.00pm – 11.00pmPentas Budaya Ria BenakPentas Budaya Ria
14th October 20168.00pm – 11.00pmPertandingan Ratu KebayaPentas Budaya Ria
15th October 20168.00am – 12.00noonAktiviti Tresure HuntKubu Alice
15th October 20168.00am – 5.00pmSukan RakyatMini Stadium
15th-16th October 20168.00am – 6.00pmPertandingan PetanqueKompleks Sukan Sri Aman
15th October 20168.00am – 1.00pmPertandingan Benak IdolPentas Budaya Ria
15th October 201610.00am – 12.00noonPertandingan MewarnaKhemah Budaya Ria
15th October 20162.00pm – 5.00pmMajlis PerasmianAstaka Regata
15th-16th October 20164.00pm – 5.00pmPertunjukan Luncur BenakBatang Lupar
15th October 20166.00pm – 8.30pmMr BenakPentas Budaya Ria
15th October 20168.30pm – 11.00pmPertandingan Miss Tourism BenakPentas Budaya Ria
16th October 20168.00amBenak off Road QuestPerkarangan Hotel Sri Simanggang
16th October 201610.00am – 12.00noonPertandingan MemasakKhemah Budaya Ria
16th October 20162.00pm – 5.00pmLawatan TYT Yang Di-Pertua NegeriAstaka Regata
16th October 20165.00pm – 6.00pmSenaman Ria BenakTebingan Batang Lupar
The Pesta Benak Arch Gateway Welcomes you to Pesta Benak 2016 - The tidal bore festival.

The Pesta Benak Arch Gateway Welcomes you to Pesta Benak 2016 – The tidal bore festival.

Hotels and Accommodations at Sri Aman

The Tidal Bore Festival attracts many tourist near and far to this small humble town of Sri Aman. Hotels and Accommodations runs out fast and requiring early booking even months ahead. Below are some of the list of Hotels and Accommodations nearby.

Hotel Seri Simanggang083-322699083-322799
Champion Inn083-320142/083-320140083-320752
Crystal Inn083-326822/083-321935083-321935
Theatre Inn083-323122083-323211
Good View Inn019-8281257
Regent Inn083-325857083-327857
Alishan Hotel083-322493083-325960
Fortune Inn083-325333083-325333
Mei Xiang Inn083-323511/083-323522083-323522
Mega Inn083-326998/083-326361083-326362
Aiman Batang Ai Resort, Lubok Antu083-584388
Klingkang Inn, Lubok Antu083-584216083-584211
The Local Favorite Seri Simanggang Hotel.

The Local Favorite Seri Simanggang Hotel.

Pesta BENAK 2016 Video

A snapshot of videos on the Pesta Benak 2016.

More Photos coming up next. Stay tuned.

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