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360TourAsia >> Travel & Transports >> Travel with Cable Cars Cable cars is a special mode of transportation of either aerial lift (with vehicles suspended in the air from a cable) or a rail system (where the vehicle is pull by a cable from the cable car station). It commonly seen in mountain rides with major tourist attraction on top of the mountain where a direct line road access is less suitable, time consuming or difficult. 

Awana SkyWay (Gondola Lift) at Genting Highlands

Awana Skyway is one of the tourist attraction at Resort World Genting. It is a upgraded mountain cable car (gondola lift) transport that connects the Genting Premium Outlet (Awana Central) with Chin Swee Caves Temple (mid way at Chin Swee Station) and the SkyAvenue Resort World Genting. The new upgraded system can serve 3,000 passenger one way every hour and is usually packed with visitors.

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