Name: Pavilion Mall Kuala Lumpur
Operating Hours: 10.00am – 10.00pm
Address: Pavilion, 168, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Facebook: @PavilionKL

Year 2017 is the year of the Rooster according to the Chinese 12 Zodiacs cycle, and nevertheless Rooster is portray everywhere from hawker stalls to shopping malls in celebration of up coming Lunar New Year that marks the start of the year of the Rooster.

Entering the year of the Rooster, Pavilion Shopping Mall in Bukit Bintang Kuala Lumpur had set up a amazing and elaborated display of Rooster Themed Chinese New Year Decorations within the Mall. As their official webpage coined “The Rise to Opulence”, the year of Rooster signify great wealth and prosperity. With diligence, good values and blessings, one will rise to opulence – like the Rooster transforming into a Majestic Phoenix.

Visitors was take away with a breath taking scenery of a Majestic Phoenix flying high at the center of the Atrium. The Phoenix is made from sturdy wireframe, colorful coating and series of lights, making it the biggest lantern display in the mall, and might be as well the largest lantern display of the year 2017 in Malaysia.

The Huge Phoenix Lantern Display at the center of the Court, illuminated with internal lighting makes it glittery glow in the sky.

This is the video taken from Pavilion Shopping Mall showing various scene of the Amazing Chinese New Year – Year of the rooster Decorations.

Pavilion Shopping Mall is at the heart of Bukit Bintang district, one of the Malaysia’s premier shopping mall with amazing 1.37 mil sq ft retail stores with over 550 outlets available. Catering all the fashion, design, food, grocery and technology needs of the population near and far.

The Front view of the Pavilion Shopping Mall Kuala Lumpur.

Another shopping destination – Fahrenheit – is just beside Pavilion .

At the front of the Pavilion, there is three stacked bowl structure with circle with light and fountain displays. It had close resemblance with the LiuLi Bowl, a classical Chinese crystal glass artwork.

Stacked bowl fountain display at day time.

At night the fountain display turn into colorful light shows with the bowl appears glowing in the moving fountain.

Nearing the entrance, visitor is greeted with rows of red plum blossom trees and Chinese lanterns displays.

Rows of decorative plum blossom trees.

Don’t forget to have selfies or wefies in these amazing display.

The Red Lantern clusters beside the plum blossoms.

Another view of the lantern display.

Entering the Mall, there is many Chicken or Rooster themed ornaments and merchandise on display. Visitor can have endless photographic opportunity, from decorative rooster artworks to purchasable plush.

The Majestic Phoenix Lantern display.

The tail of the Phoenix is carefully shaped to mimic a action of a flying phoenix.


Plush Chickens for your home decorations, get one today.

The court is also decked with many Peonies, a beautify red to pink flowers that symbolize spring  and richness, honor and high social class.

Decorative Peony Blossom decked with lights.

Another view of the Peony blossom.

Decorative Peony flowers

There is many Chinese themed stalls around the decorative lush of blossom decorations.

After visiting the Phoenix, you might reach a cage like structure enclosing a  proud standing rooster.  The golden cage is fully decorated with golden flowers which signify luxury and richness. The Cage have a opening in front , act like a opened cage.

The cage is located just behind the tail of the phoenix. Viewing as a whole, one might get the impression that the Phoenix is the  incarnation of Golden Rainbow rooster, break free and flying towards the sky. It is consistent to the theme “Rise to Opulence “.

The golden Cage of Pavilion, elaborately decorated with golden flowers and red ruby lights.

The Pride Standing Golden Rainbow Rooster at the center of the Golden Cage.

The Crystal Palace, or some might call it a Majestic Gateway to heaven, is at the far end of the decoration set. This semi transparent structure mimics a replica of the crystal palace entrance with golden roofs and decorated with two huge golden lantern tower. This set also signify opulence, as the theme suggested.

You can call it an Impressive Luxury Gateway to heaven, or just a majestic work of architecture.

The side view of the Pagoda replica.

Bring home the ‘Dance of the Prosperity Rooster’ decorative glass plate, handmade by master craftsmen from Turkey, with proceeds going to old folks’ homes and needy organisations nationwide.

A view from the first floor.

The Majestic Phoenix lantern an the ascending stairs.

Another View of the Phoenix.

There is many more Chicken Themed decorations available around the mall. The one below is one of our favorite and hilarious decoration set. With motorized pedestal, the golden bushy paper hen appears looking at the three little chicks racing around and chasing the golden leaves. It does class up the place.

The never ending chasing chicks around the serious hen.

For more details, please visit Pavilion Shopping Mall Kuala Lumpur to have more immersive experience on this wondrous Chinese New Year Rooster Decorations. See you there !!