At the heart of Miri City, there stood a unique landmark at a roundabout, with a name “Miri Unity Tower “. It symbolize the racial and religious harmony in Miri City, might as well also representing the unity of various races and ethnicity of the whole Sarawak.

The tall stainless steel tower is jointly build by the Lions Club of Miri Host, completed on year 2005 in conjunction of Miri City attained its City status.

Miri City is the first non-state capital that received a City status. It is the second largest urban center in Sarawak.

Miri Unity Tower

Miri Unity Tower is a stainless steel tower at the center of a roundabout which symbolize the racial unity and harmony of Miri City.

The Miri Unity Tower is a not to miss landmark beside the Miri City Recreation Park. It is at the center of the roundabout connecting Jalan Kipas, Jalan Sukan and Jalan Merpati. It is at one of the main road connecting Southern and Northern part of the Miri City.

The tower consist of three section, with each have different meaning.

The lowest section is a broad stainless steel framework with rhomboid shaped semi transparent colored pane that appears forming a vast network of connection to the ground. This symbolize the Unity is started from the ground up with all people connected regardless of differences. Together the form the backbone and stability to the overall structure.

The second section is the core of the tower which beam directly upwards with a sharp conical projection. It is decorated with motifs from various native ethnics of Miri City, surrounding the outer surface of the tower. A series of stainless steel statues depicting group of hornbills surround the mid section of the tower with all of them facing upwards symbolize all people facing a single direction with a single goal.

The top section of the tower is a spherical light ball that symbolize a bright light source that shines across the land of hornbill. It appears like a monolithic light house with its light shine in all direction.

Overall it deserve its name as a Tower of Unity.

Miri Unity Tower

The Miri Unity Tower.

At night the tower lights up with colorful lights and shine brightly at the center of the roundabout.