Mural Street Art at Sungai Petani

The Mural Street Art of Sungai Petani is located at the downtown of old street of Sungai Petani. Beautiful and creative artworks are on display at the back ally of the streets, each telling different stories spanning different cultures.

The preparation of the Mural Street Art started early in September 2015, in conjunction with the up coming Mid Autumn festival and the Visit Kedah Year 2016. Various artist from local and far come and showoff their mural arts.

Latitude : 5.64098193

Longitude : 100.48761579

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After two years, we had a visit back to the Mural street art and saw many art work still remains vivid, while others are removed due to vandalism or renovation. Many still visit this hotspot to visit once a great masterpiece. Below is the video that we recorded during our second visits.

The preparation of the Mural Street Art starts early. The old street road are decorated with red lanterns. At night all these red lantern are lit up with lights and portraying a typical classic china town feel.  During our visits many of the artwork are still not quite yet complete. We can see how some of the artist draw their masterpiece.

The old street of Sungai Petani Old Township is all setup with lanterns.

The Artistic Mural art on the buildings depicting paddy grains as kedah is famous for paddy field.

Chinese costume mural street art.

the “Give Life A Chance” mural encourage people for blood donation.

The Hanging Orang Utan Mural.

The Captain America Mural Street Art

The Mural depicting a peace tank and the Sungai Petani iconic Clock Tower.

The Peeping Cat Mural.

The Races in Malaysia Mural. it shows a malay couple on the left and chinese costume on right.

The Peeping Boy with spectacles Mural.

The Chinese Martial Art Mural.

The Childhood Game Mural. Depicting a row of kids on sport jersy sitting on a brick wall.

The Childhood is Irreplaceable Mural featuring Characters from totoro movie.

An artist drawing an owl mural.

The Owl in a Frame 3D mural.

The kid playing hide and seek mural.

The traditional Chinese stage cosplay mural depicting Monkey King.

The Chinese Changing Face Mask Mural.

The Stair Walk Mural.

An artist drawing a character from a famous chinese series “The Journey of Flower”

An artist drawing a character from a famous chinese series “The Journey of Flower”

Uncompleted Mural.

The Childhood Game Mural.

The Giraffe and the fallen leaves perspective mural.

The Goddess of the Moon Mural.

The outline of the mural.

The artist add in some colorful color fills.

The Lotus and the Goldfish Mural.

Drawing Ryu the street fighter mural.

Ryu the Street Fighter Mural.

An unexpected visitor mural.

Along the Mural Street Art.

The Paddy Field of Kedah Mural.

A waiting child at the doorstep mural

Another view of the mural.

The complete mural depicting a usual village folk life.

Lanterns along the street.

Artist drawing a ox mural.

The Ox ploughing the paddy field mural.

the Peek-a-boo Mural.

The behind the door girl mural.

The girl behind the door mural.

A dweller holding two bucket mural.

Setting up the lighting for the mural.

More lantern are set up.

A day at the old street mural.

Another view of the day at the old street mural.

Totoro and lantern mural.

Lion dance mural.

An artist drawing Koi fish mural.

An artist drawing Koi fish mural.

The Summer Blossoms mural.

A beautiful lady mural.

The 3D mural of a flying bird with a paddy stalk.

People are mesmerized by the 3D mural.

A random members mural.

The character from the famous Chinese series Wind and Cloud.

A cute Hello Kitty Mural by the Fire and Rescue Department.

A close up view of the Hello Kitty Fire Fighter.

A stall selling apong mural.

A random pity looking cat by the bin mural.

The Mushroom Mural.

Remember to bring your family and friends here to witness the masterpiece.