The Last Day Event List – Sunday

Below is the Tentative Event list on 16th July 2017 (Sunday)

11:00 – 17:00Canopies By The Lake by Sarawak Biodiversity Centre Canopies By The Lake
Exhibitors/artisans of handcrafts from around the world

— including Sarawak, Sabah, West Malaysia, Indonesia, Denmark, Kyrghyzstan, India, Korea and Japan. Rainforest World Crafts Bazaar11:00 – 11:30ROADTRIP !!!!
Gathering our  HERITAGE Roadtrip through Sarawak by Wendy TeoCHINESE FARM HOUSE11:00 – 12:00SAPE TUTORIALS
Beginner – intermediate lessons on the famous boat lute of sarawak – the sape (by appointment) Rainforest Music House11:00 – 11:45HOMA THERAPY with DR. LENNIE SOO
Removing toxic conditions in the atmosphere through fire for cleansing of the body and the brain.MALAY TOWNHOUSE11:45 – 12:15GIANT STONES
Tales of Power and Imagination – the Megaliths of Bario by Lindsay Lloyd SmithCHINESE FARM HOUSE12:00 – 12:45YIN YOGA with ALICE CHIENG
Stimulating the body meridians and expanding flexibility.IBAN LONGHOUSE12:30 -13:00WEAVING FOR TROPHY HEADS
Stories behind Pua Kumbu designs by Vernon Kedit.CHINESE FARM HOUSE13:00 – 13:45SILAT MOVES with RUMPUN SILAT SARAWAK
The traditional Malay art of self-defense.DEWAN LAGENDA13:00 – 13:45WELSH WIZARDRY with HUW WILLIAMS
Travel to the Land of the Red Dragon with these traditional tales and tunes.
Be ready to bring the epic past to noisy life with Huw and his clogs!
A Pustaka Bookaroo Children’s Workshop.MALAY TOWNHOUSE14:00 – 18:00SAPE EXHIBITION
SAPE-The Instrument, The Music, The Dance with Warisan Sape Telang Usan.Chinese Farm House14:00 – 15:00SAPE TUTORIALS
Beginner – intermediate lessons on the famous boat lute of sarawak – the sape (by appointment) Rainforest Music House14:00 – 14:45FUNANA FUN Mini Sessions
Rhythms and dance from Cape Verde
Interactive workshop Led by Danilo Paris and musicians of BITORIDEWAN LAGENDA14:00 – 14:45RAISE YOUR ARMS Mini Sessions
The Muiñeira folk dance of Galicia
Interactive dance workshop Led by Quique Peón (RADIO COS)IBAN LONGHOUSE14:00 – 14:45FINGERS AND THUMBS Mini Sessions
Wonderful hands.BIDAYUH LONGHOUSE14:00 – 14:45KRAZY KARAKTERS by Ray Lee
(limited to 20 persons)
Konjure up a Kast of Krazy KaraktersMALAY TOWNHOUSE14:00 – 14:45Performance by TAIWU ANCIENT BALLADS TROUPE (Taiwan)Rainforest THEATRE Stage15:00 – 15:45UNDER THE STARS Mini Sessions
Dance the way only gypsies can
Interactive dance workshop Led by Monika Lakatos + Janos Lakatos (ROMENGO)DEWAN LAGENDA15:00 – 15:45FOOTWORK FROM LOS LLANOS Mini Sessions
The exciting Joropo!
Interactive dance workshop Led by Wileiner RodriguezIBAN LONGHOUSE15:00 – 15:45HOW THE WIND BLOWS Mini Sessions
Wonderful things people can do with air.
Led by Patrick Rimes.BIDAYUH LONGHOUSE15:00 – 15:45ROAMING THROUGH THE RAINFOREST by Anthony Pine
Join Tom the Crocodile for a quiet swim through the rainforest,

but be prepared for some unexpected encounters – and sounds!MALAY TOWNHOUSE15:15 – 16:00Performance by BELEM – DIDIER LALOY & KATHY ADAM (Belgium)Rainforest THEATRE Stage16:00 – 17:00SAPE TUTORIALS
Beginner – intermediate lessons on the famous boat lute of sarawak – the sape (by appointment) Rainforest Music House16:00 – 16:45HANDS ON Mini Sessions
No melodic instruments. All percussion.DEWAN LAGENDA16:00 – 16:45FOLLOW THE EAGLES Mini Sessions
The Bidayuh Belangi
Interactive dance workshop Led by Hamidah Mohamad.IBAN LONGHOUSE16:00 – 16:45A LOT OF PLUCK Mini Sessions
Strings stretched over different shapes.BIDAYUH LONGHOUSE16:30 – 17:15Performance by KELELE (South Africa)Rainforest THEATRE Stage18:15 – 19:00ZUMBA FITNESS with SHAKE IT STUDIO and EXHILARATE FITNESS STUDIO
Total body and cardio workout.ARENA GROUNDS19:30 – 20:00Performance by 1511 O MALIAO MALIAO DANCE TROUPE (Malaysia)Rainforest TREE Stage20:00 – 20:20Performance by SEKOLAH SENI MALAYSIA SARAWAK (Sarawak)Rainforest JUNGLE Stage20:20 – 21:20Performance by CALAN (Wales)Rainforest TREE Stage21:20 – 22:20Performance by CIMARRON (Colombia)Rainforest JUNGLE Stage22:20 – 22:35Performance by SVARA SAMSARA (Indonesia)Rainforest TREE Stage22:35 – 23:30Performance by BITORI (Cape Verde)Rainforest JUNGLE Stage23:30FINALE (The World)Rainforest JUNGLE Stage

The Tentative Event List: 14th July | 15th July | 16th July

The Rainforest World Music Festival is a not to be miss attraction when come to tour visit to the cultural diversify world of Borneo. Tickets are on the sale fast, so act fast.