The 2nd Day Event List – Saturday

Below is the Tentative Event list on 15th July 2017 (Saturday)

11:00 – 17:00Canopies By The Lake by Sarawak Biodiversity Centre Canopies By The Lake
Exhibitors/artisans of handcrafts from around the world

— including Sarawak, Sabah, West Malaysia, Indonesia, Denmark, Kyrghyzstan, India, Korea and Japan. Rainforest World Crafts Bazaar11:00 – 12:00LIONS a LEAPING!
Chinese Lion Dances by Tan Tze Horng and troupe.
a Cultural Snippets by Friends of Sarawak MuseumCHINESE FARM HOUSE11:00 – 12:00SAPE TUTORIALS
Beginner – intermediate lessons on the famous boat lute of sarawak – the sape (by appointment) Rainforest Music House11:00 – 12:00TAICHI with SARAWAK SHENLONG TAI-CHI CHUAN SOCIETY
Meditation in motion – the graceful gentle way to fight stressWATERFALL TERRACE12:00 – 12:45VIPASSANA MEDITATION with WONG AH SHUI
Insight meditation that assists in opening up inward awareness.MALAY TOWN HOUSE12:15 -13:00SINGING MY HERITAGE
Kayan Takna by Adrian Jo Milang.
a Cultural Snippets by Friends of Sarawak Museum.CHINESE FARM HOUSE13:00 – 13:45VINYASA YOGA with ALVIN HENG
Synchronizing breathing with a continuous flowIBAN LONGHOUSE13:00 – 13:45DOODLE WALL – RAINFOREST RUMBLE by Jean Voon + Daphne Siaw
Bring the rainforest to life.
(Pustaka Bookaroo Children’s Workshop)DEWAN LAGENDA14:00 – 18:00SAPE EXHIBITION
SAPE-The Instrument, The Music, The Dance with Warisan Sape Telang Usan.Chinese Farm House14:00 – 15:00SAPE TUTORIALS
Beginner – intermediate lessons on the famous boat lute of sarawak – the sape (by appointment) Rainforest Music House14:00 – 15:00GENTLEMEN OF THE ROAD – THE CHIPOLATAS IN CONCERT Mini Sessions
Musical Clowns.DEWAN LAGENDA14:00 – 14:45PERCUSSIVE SHOES Mini Sessions
The Welsh Clog Dance!
Interactive dance workshop Led by HUW WILLIAMS (Calan).IBAN LONGHOUSE14:00 – 14:45TAKE A BOW Mini Sessions
Instruments that have a stick of some kind.BIDAYUH LONGHOUSE14:00 – 14:45Performance by SAING WAING ORCHESTRA (Myanmar)Rainforest THEATRE Stage15:00 – 15:45ANCIENT WEDDING RITUALS Mini Sessions
A revered  ceremony from the  Melanau community By PERSATUAN KEBAJIKAN MELANAU SIBUIBAN LONGHOUSE15:00 – 15:45ISLANDS IN THE SUN Mini Sessions
The beautiful Ori Tahiti
Interactive Dance workshop Led by Marguerite Lai.BIDAYUH LONGHOUSE15:00 – 15:45AMAZING ANIMATION by Ray Lee
Get things moving – with a little help from Ray Lee.
(Pustaka Bookaroo Children’s Workshop)MALAY TOWNHOUSE15:15 – 16:00Performance by DOM FLEMONS (USA)Rainforest THEATRE Stage15:30 – 16:30TEKA! Mini Sessions
The evolution of African dance – from traditional Xhosa to contemporary Pantsula
Interactive dance workshop With Siyabulela Jiyana + Thulani Mtyi.DEWAN LAGENDA16:00 – 17:00SAPE TUTORIALS
Beginner – intermediate lessons on the famous boat lute of sarawak – the sape (by appointment) Rainforest Music House16:00 – 16:45CARNIVAL IN THE FOREST Mini Sessions
The Brazilian Samba
Interactive dance workshop By the Singapore School of Samba,

Led by Farah Dawood de Morais & Nor Dee Dee.IBAN LONGHOUSE16:00 – 16:45WILD BEATS Mini Sessions
The complex interlocking rhythms of Hadrah Drums
Interactive percussion workshop Led by Johari Morshidi.BIDAYUH LONGHOUSE16:00 – 16:45JUNGLE BEATS by Sasya Zuzu (limited to 20)
Make your own musical instruments!MALAY TOWNHOUSE16:30 – 17:15Performance by SPIRO (England)Rainforest THEATREStage18:15 – 18:45BODYCOMBAT™ with LEVEL UP FITNESS
Martial Arts – inspired workout.ARENA GROUNDS19:30 – 20:15Performance by AT ADAU (Sarawak)Rainforest TREE Stage20:15 – 21:00Performance by O TAHITI E (Tahiti)Rainforest JUNGLE Stage21:00 – 22:00Performance by RADIO COS (Spain)Rainforest TREE Stage22:00 – 23:00Performance by HANGGAI (China)Rainforest JUNGLE Stage23:00 – 00:00Performance by BA CISSOKO (Guinea)Rainforest TREE Stage00:00 – 01:00Performance by THE PARADISE BANGKOK MOLAM INTERNATIONAL BAND (Thailand)Rainforest JUNGLE Stage

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