Foo Hing Dim Sum is first established in year 2009, and since then the restaurant is famous for various Hong Kong Style Dim Sum, including Siew Mai, Shrimp Dumplings, Chicken Feet and the best selling Foo Hing Portuguese Egg Tart. Everyday the restaurant is packed with locals near and far for breakfast, lunch and meet-ups gathering for friends and family.

When we first came here the restaurant appears to be so packed that customers need to queue up and wait for their turn to get seated. The fragrance of the dim sum dishes can be smell from the doors.

The huge store front signage of Foo Hing Dim Sum restaurant that not to be missed.

Place : Foo Hing Dim Sum Restaurant

Type of Restaurant : Restaurant offering various type of classical hand made Hong Kong
style Dim Sum with hot tea. Famous for its Foo Hing Portuguese Egg Tart.

Address : No. 31, 33, 35-G, 35-1,Jalan Puteri 2/6,Bandar Puteri, Puchong, Malaysia

Latitude : 3.0223157

Longitude : 101.6175337

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Located at one of the prime commercial zone in Puchong, the restaurant had a big store front signage that is not to be missed. It is easy to be located. Parking can be difficult during peak hours, and the long queue can be seen across the parking area in front of the restaurant.

Opening Hours : Daily 7am till 3pm

Contact : 03-8060 0546

Facebook Page :

The restaurant is very spacious and yet can be very packed during peak hours.

The spacious restaurant.

The restaurant have the floor space of 3 shop lot and hence it is very spacious within. Usually the restaurant will be fully packed. The environment is warm and cozy. The table and chairs feature classical wood and marble.

Surrounding the dining space there are few food serving cabinet where all the dim sum is warm up and served. Customer can select their favorite dim sum dishes from the cabinet or wait for the waiter cart to bring all the fresh served dim sum from the kitchen.

All the dim sum is hand made, with good texture and fresh from oven feel with each bite. It is worth a repeated visit to dine in.

The food serving cabinet.

Famous Egg Tart.

There are various choice of dim sum being offered.

Dim sum served can be of steamed or fried variety.

Egg Tart.

The famous steamed golden past with custed bun.

The Foo Hing Dim Sum Menu

Below are the available menu for the dim sum served in Foo Hing Dim Sum restaurant during our visit. It is subject to change over time.

The front page of the Menu.

The first page in the menu showing the great variety of dim sum being served here.

Dumpling Soup Menu.

Steamed Dumpling menu.

Steamed series menu.

Steamed series menu.

Bun series menu.

Baked series menu.

Fried series menu.

Fried series menu.

Fried series and steam rice menu.

Drinks and beverage menu.

The short history and poet about the tradition of Chinese tea.

It is a good place for friends and family to gather here and enjoy amazing dim sum dishes with hot tea. Do come and visit one day when you traveling at Puchong one day.