Kung Pao Chicken Rice is a local Malaysian favorite spicy chicken rice served with dry chili and chicken , accompanied with spicy gravy with spring onions and sesame. Kung Pao Chicken can be found on selected Air Asia flights.

The Kung Pao Chicken Rice offered by Air Asia Cafe.

Ingredients: White Rice, Kung Pao Chicken, Spring Onions, Roasted Peanuts.

Allergen Information: Soy, Sesame, Nuts, Gluten, Seafood.

Net weight: 230g

Nutrition Facts:

  • Total Energy 308.2kcal per serving
  • Total Fat 7.8g per serving
  • Carbohydrate 48.5g per serving
  • Protein 11.1g per serving

Air Asia Kung Pao Chicken have one section of spicy chicken and one section of rice.

Kung Pao Chicken Rice is one of the favorite spicy flavored chicken rice in Malaysia. It is commonly found in hawker stall and restaurant that serve Chinese Cuisine. The Chicken meat is coated with gluten and fried with dried chili and spring onions.

The meal box is made of aluminum and it is easy for heating up and handling. The box is seal from both side of the top lid. You need tear off the seal to open the meal box. On the inside, the side dish is well organized with specific corner for each dish. The dried chili chicken and white rice is separated. You can taste it one by one separately or mix them at your liking.

This meal is available as pre-booking meals or purchase in-flight. However, to ensure that you have a reserved meals in-flight, it is suggested to have it pre-booked during flight ticket purchasing. The meal will be served when the flight reaching cruising altitude after take-off. For pre-booked meals, please retain your boarding pass for verification.