Hungry during traveling high in sky on a plane ? Don’t worry, you still can Malaysian favourite Grilled Chicken Rice in flight. This meal offered by Air Asia Cafe during AK flight with Air Asia.

The local favourite Chicken Rice is served hot in a aluminum container.

Name: Uncle Chin’s Chicken Rice

Ingredients: Chicken Rice, Grilled Chicken, Red Chili

Allergen Information: Wheat Gluten, Soy

Net Weight: 27og

Nutrition Facts:

  • Energy 546kcal per serving
  • Total Fat 19.8g per serving
  • Carbohydrate 75.7g per serving
  • Protein 16.1g per serving

The dish is served with few slices of grilled chicken on top of fragrant rice.

The Chicken Rice is served very simple with few slices of grilled chicken on the fragrant butter coated rice. It is a typical food found in local streets and food court in Malaysia.

The meal box is made of aluminum and it is easy for heating up and handling. The box is seal from both side of the top lid.  You need tear off the seal to open the meal box.

This meal is available as pre-booking meals or purchase in-flight. However, to ensure that you have a reserved meals in-flight, it is suggested to have it pre-booked during flight ticket purchasing. The meal will be served when the flight reaching cruising altitude after take-off. For pre-booked meals, please retain your boarding pass for verification.