Malaysia is a great place for tasting food from around the world. Thai Green Curry Rice is no acception. Been accepted widely in Malaysia, it is a simple dish of Chicken Rice with Green Curry gravy. The Thai Green Curry Rice can be found on selected Air Asia flights.

The Thai Green Curry Rice in a box. It is best served hot.

Ingredients: Rice, Thai Green Curry with Chicken and Vegetables, Red Chilli, Curry Leaf.

Allergen Information: Gluten, Eggs, Dairy, Soy, Seafood.

Net weight: 215g

Nutrition Facts:

  • Total Energy 322.7kcal per serving
  • Total Fat 8.4g per serving
  • Carbohydrate 60.9g per serving
  • Protein 10.8g per serving

The Thai Green Curry Gravy and white rice served side by side.

The Thai Green Curry is originally from Thailand. It is a curry gravy which is green or golden yellow in color. It taste spicy and sweet. The Green Curry Gravy is mixed with chicken and vegetables. It is a perfect match with the white rice.

The meal box is made of aluminum and it is easy for heating up and handling. The box is seal from both side of the top lid. You need tear off the seal to open the meal box. On the inside, the Thai Green Curry Gravy is separated in a different container within the meal box. You can taste it one by one or mix them at your liking.

This meal is available as pre-booking meals or purchase in-flight. However, to ensure that you have a reserved meals in-flight, it is suggested to have it pre-booked during flight ticket purchasing. The meal will be served when the flight reaching cruising altitude after take-off. For pre-booked meals, please retain your boarding pass for verification.