Name : CHIMIAN, Kuching 點都德-吃面研究所

Type : Restaurant – Whisky . Noodles . Jazz

Opening Hours : Daily 10:00 – 22:00

Tel : 016-869 8878

Facebook :

Location : Brighton Square, Kuching, Sarawak

Address : Song Plaza Ground Floor SL 18, Lot 12169, 93350 Kuching, Malaysia

Latitude : 1.52205

Longitude : 110.35494829999993

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Do You Know : Dian Du De (點都德) is originally a old brand Cantonese restaurant located in Guangzhou, suitable for couples dating, family gatherings, friends gatherings, casual snacks, casually eat.

ChiMian, Kuching however is a brain child born from this well known restaurant, serving specialty noodles to the people of kuching.

ChiMian Kuching is located at Brighton Square Kuching. Brighton Square also host other famous restaurant such as Secret Recipe, Coffee Clinic, Life Cafe, The Kimbap Korean Restaurant, Gourmet Sausage, U-Garden Crystal Grill and Steamboat and many more. Two main road – Jalan Tun Jugah and Jalan Song cross beside this Square and City One Mall is just across Jalan Song.

ChiMian Kuching can be easily find as it is located beside Song Plaza in which the Sunway College and Samsung Customer Service Center are located. Adjacent to this restaurant is cafe cafe.

ChiMian Kuching Store Front

ChiMian Kuching Store Front.

This noodle restaurant is specialized on noodles and whisky.

During our visit to this noodle restaurant, we are warmly greet by the staff and waiter. With the Classic Chinese music playing at the background, and various classical Chinese decoration and ornaments, it brought back memories of the classical restaurant environment in mainland China.

The High Table for a shot of Whisky

The High Table for a shot of Whisky.

There are beautiful Chinese calligraphy and paintings on the wall, the high quality wooden tables and chairs, various fortune cat statue (Maneki-neko) ,  a classical swing and a even a phonograph in the shop. Warm yellow lighting and maroon walls.

The Whiskey Counter

The Whiskey Counter.

Quite surprise that this noodle restaurant is so specialize that they only offer four types of noodles, eight types of Whisky, Cognac, Beer and several drinks and beverages.

Lets see the menu they offer.

The Main Menu

The Main Menu.

Behind the Menu is the basic description of all the four types of noodle they offer.

The Description on the Menu

The Description on the Menu.

We had a try on three of the noodle dishes. All of them have accompany soup to complement the meal.

Classic Pork Noodle

Classic Pork Noodle.

The Classic Pork Noodle is also called Yanmian is their classic noodle. Topped with minced meat, slight hint of dried shrimps and made perfect with garlic and sour vegetables.

Chicken Floss Noodle

Chicken Floss Noodle.

Chicken floss noodle presents to you a balanced chicken taste, followed with the fragrance of sesame oil and ginger flakes. This is the noodle version of chicken rice. Uniquely catered for chicken lovers.

ShaCha Noodles

ShaCha Noodles.

Sacha noodle is their specialty from Shantou, Chaozhou. The sweet unique satay-alike sauce blends well with the signature homemade NgoHiang (meat roll)

There is also Beef Noodle. Clear soupy beef noodle, with perfectly stewed beef out of it’s own broth. Inside includes, beef tripes, tendons, beef balls and radish. One will experience the full flavour of beef with their homemade noodle.

So folks, many had dine in here and try their specialty noodles. Bring your friends and family here and enjoy the classical environment and tasty noodle.