fat mom coffee shop

PokéStop Name: Fat Mom Coffee Shop

Location: Beside Jalan Datuk Bandar Mustapha, near 4 1/2 Mile, Jalan Penrissen, 93250 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

Latitude: 1.4997207489760571 (estimate)

Longitude: 110.33446040376475 (estimate)


“Fat Mom Coffee Shop” also known as “肥妈咖啡店” is a road side coffee shop that serve basic local food (noodles, kueh chap, fried rice etc.) and juice and beverages. Many who was on the way from Kuching-Penrissen-Sentosa area will come and stop by this coffee shop for a relax drinks and food. The shop is clearly distinct with its huge Red store front sign.


“Fat Mom Coffee Shop” PokéStop is currently had different name showed in the same location. Previously known as “Fat Mom Coffee Shop” was now renamed “安 Onn – 丰满楼 Fung Mang Cafe”. It is still a reputable road side cafe stop that serve local food and beverages. The emphasis on cooling and healthy drinks. You can park your car at the road side and walk to this coffee shop. The environment is cool and relaxing with rows of shop front plants. As it is a semi open coffee shop, one may still felt the heat and fume from the near by busy road, but it is filtered by rows of potted plants.

The Fat Mom Coffee Shop Pokestop

The Fat Mom Coffee Shop Pokestop near Jalan Penrissen as shown in the map in Pokemon Go game.

onn cafe kuching

The Fat Mom Coffee Shop is now Onn Fung Mang Cafe.

You can have a nice cooling and healthy drinks while catching pokemon at the same time. Beware not to wandered too far from the shop compound as it is just beside a busy road connecting Kuching to Sentosa area. The coverage of this PokéStop extended into the opposite avenue, and driver passing by this stop can get a good radius. Do not drive and play Pokemon Go as warned. However as a passenger, you still have have a turn at the PokéStop and get some freebies. Don’t stop suddenly at the roadside as it had junction with heavy traffic load at both end of this road and may cause unnecessary slow down to other users.

There are no nearby PokéStop overlaps, hence not optimized for farming purposes. You do can try activate Lure at this stop to increase Pokemon spawns while dining.


This PokéStop is famous for local food and beverages and you can relax and dine while have enjoyment of catching pokemon, although sub-optimal for major farming. Becareful not to wander too far from the shop to the busy road.