PokéStop: Travellers Globe at KIA

This is a safe PokéStop where you and your friend can enjoy catching Pokemons while waiting for departure or expecting for arrival at the same time, under nice air conditioned environment, although sub-optimal for major farming.

The “Travellers Globe at KIA” is a small information display screen mounted on two side of a blue colored Globe featured sphere on a rock and grass replica stand. Tourist may view information displayed on the screen. This display was once available in all major malaysian airports include similiar display at Penang International Airport. However currently this display is no longer available.

“Travellers Globe at KIA” PokéStop Review

Estimate Location :

Latitude : 1.4874041741871213

Longitude : 110.3418150545258

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The Travellers Globe Pokestop

The Travellers Globe Pokestop at Kuching International Airport as shown in the map in Pokemon Go game.

The location of this pokestop is at the center of the airport common lobby and away from busy streets, which makes it a very safe for indoor gameplay. The stop is accessible inside both Departure and Arrival lobby, while it is still possible to reach outside the building, mainly the lobby for passenger loading. It is not accessible from vehicles from nearby roads which makes it safe from driver attempting to activate the pokestop.

The Travellers Globe is located at the center of common lobby of departure terminal of Kuching International Airport, in front of the Eraman Emporium which sells duty free and non duty free merchandise, including fragrances & cosmetics. It can be clearly seen by tourist and travelers visiting the departure terminal. This features is visible to all travelers as the check in counter is at the right side end of the lobby, while the departure entrance is at the left end of the lobby.

Instead of Travellers Globe, currently the same spot is replaced with a replica display of “Borneo to the world” mini park. The display features diversities of Borneo tropical plants and trees, massive rock formations with a characteristic huge flower “Rafflesia” which uniquely available in rain forest of Borneo. Many tourist had their selfies or wefies taken with friends and family.

Borneo To The World Mini Park

The mini park replica Borneo To the World had currently being the main attraction in the common lobby of Kuching International Airport Departure Hall.

The Rafflesia

The Rafflesia life sized replica at the Borneo to the World Mini display park.

Despite without the travellers globe, this PokéStop is rather famous for visitors and travelers using Kuching International Airport. The Pokestop spawn radius extends across the center of the common lobby, accessible from both departure and arrival lobby, occasional available to those dinning at the Mc Donald Restaurant and passenger drop off area in front of the lobby.

This PokéStop is not accessible to the outside traffic, hence still rather safe stop.However it is advisable to be careful while walking and playing Pokemon Go in an airport as there is risk of bumping into a total stranger from diffrent country and trip over someones luggage.

The Panoramic view of the Borneo to the World display

The Panoramic view of the Borneo to the World display. The Travellers Globe was once located in front of the direction sign (at the left of the image).

There are other Pokestop around that accessible to public (total two at lobby and three within terminal), making possible to have a Pokemon spawn frenzy by activating lure in all of them, but however the distance between Pokestop is quite far and not much overlapping, makes it sub-optimal place for farming. Furthermore, occasionally the place is packed with tourist and travelers during peak hours. But if you are planing for departing flight wait, then why not just activate the lure on this Pokestop and enjoy spawn frenzy.

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