PokéStop: DCA Water Fountain

This is a PokéStop far from reach by public as it is a restricted zone for authorize personal only.

The “DCA Water Fountain” depict a small water fountain in the Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) building. DCA is responsible to ensure efficient and safety in air transport. The DCA building is a restricted area from public, located at the far end of the airport terminal, close to the budget local flight terminal.

The DCA building complex can be seen from the waiting area in the local budget airline terminal.

A view at the DCA building

The pokestop is just at the DCA building outside this glass window.

The Waiting Area at the Local Budget Terminal

The Waiting Area at the Local Budget Terminal

“DCA Water Fountain” PokéStop Review

Estimate Location :

Latitude : 1.4880023286278194

Longitude : 110.34362755718575

Open map with : [Waze] [Google Map] [Bing Map] [HERE Map]

DCA water fountain Pokestop

The DCA water fountain Pokestop at Kuching International Airport as shown in the map in Pokemon Go game.

This PokéStop is located at the Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) building of Kuching international Airport. It is not public accessible. Hence tourist and travelers unable to benefit from this PokéStop. It might be a bonus for worker of the DCA building. It is a stand alone PokéStop and no overlapping of PokéStop radius, hence it can neither be use for farming.

There are 5 other Pokestop around that accessible to public (total two at lobby and three within terminal), making possible to have a Pokemon spawn frenzy by activating lure in all of them, hence it won’t make much different without this pokestop.

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