PokéStop: The Cat Gallery Ornament

This is a safe PokéStop where you and your friend can enjoy catching Pokemons while waiting for departure or viewing merchandise at the Cat Gallery, under nice air conditioned environment, although sub-optimal for major farming. Don’t try to play Pokemon Go while boarding the aircraft or in the aircraft.

“The Cat Gallery Ornament” is a small cat themed metal decorative ornament located on top of “The Cat Gallery”. This gallery sells all varieties of cat themed decoration and figurine and also cat themed T-Shirt. It is a serious collections for Cat Lovers. Prices of merchandise can be debatable.

The Cat Gallery Ornament Pokestop

The Cat Gallery Ornament is clearly seen on top of the Cat Gallery.

The Cat Gallery Ornament Pokestop

The Cat Gallery Storefront Sign.

The Cat Gallery Ornament Pokestop

A view in front of The Cat Gallery.

The Cat Gallery Ornament Pokestop

The artistic motifs around the Cat Gallery store.

The Cat Gallery Ornament Pokestop

A inside view of the store. Varieties of Cat themed decorations, statues, trinklets, T-shirts, dolls are available.

The Panoramic View of The Cat Gallery Ornament Pokestop

The Panoramic View of The Cat Gallery Ornament Pokestop.

“The Cat Gallery Ornament” PokéStop Review

“A cat gallery that sells many cats and animals trinklets and decorations.”

Estimate Location :

Latitude : 1.4868780126447585

Longitude : 110.34211009719002

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Cat Gallery Ornament Pokestop

The Cat Gallery Ornament Pokestop at Kuching International Airport as shown in the Pokemon Go game.

The location of “the cat gallery ornament” pokestop is in the departure and arrival terminal, between Gate 5 and 6 concourses. It is almost at the center of the terminal. All arrival locals and international tourist can had a good chance to visit this gallery as it is located in front of the immigration clearance entrance and main exit from the terminal to luggage pick up zone.

This pokestop have radius coverage extending to waiting area of Gate 5 and 6, part of the immigration clearance hall. It is mostly not accessible for the general public from the common lobby of the airport. Some might face some problems in GPS accuracy due to the interference and shielding from thick glass wall, metal concourses, heavy vehicles and planes, and other communication interference. One may loose track of the actual location while wandering around the terminal.

It is a safe pokestop for everyone to enjoy, however be aware of your surrounding while wandering and catch pokemon in the terminal as one might accidentally bump into another foreign tourist or trip over someones luggage. It is warned that do not play with phones or electronic devices while boarding into the aircraft or on the aircraft as it might interfere to the communication system on board.

There is 2 other PokéStop around that accessible to all travelers within the departing and arrival terminal (total two at lobby and three within terminal), making possible to have a Pokemon spawn frenzy by activating lure in all of them, but however the distance between PokéStop is quite far and not much overlapping, makes it sub-optimal place for farming. Furthermore, occasionally the place is packed with tourist and travelers during peak hours. But if you are planing for departing flight wait, then why not just activate the lure on this PokéStop and enjoy spawn frenzy.

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