PokéGym: Kuching International Airport

This is a PokéGym is one of its Kind, where you might end up challenging international Pokemon Trainers who have drop by this Airport. For most tourist and travelers, challenging one another with this gym can kill some of the time waiting for departure or transit.
Kuching International Airport

An Outside view of the Kuching International Airport Building as view from the Airport Carpark.

Kuching International Airport

A view of the Public Airport Carpark from Kuching International Airport Departure Terminal Passenger Drop area.

Kuching International Airport

The huge Gateway Signage at the Airport Car park welcome travelers and tourist to Kuching Sarawak with various native motif, hornbil and Rafflesia flowers that represent Sarawak Multi-centric attractions.

“Kuching International Airport” PokeGym Review

Estimate Location :

Latitude : 1.4872495969498825

Longitude : 110.34102366862498

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 Kuching International Airport PokeGym

The Kuching International Airport PokeGym as shown in the Pokemon Go game.

This PokeGym is located at the entrance of the Check in Counter of the Departure terminal, which is equally accessible by the passenger drop area in front of the main lobby. This allows Travelers, Tourist and visitor to access this Gym. Many came and challenge and defend this Gym as chances of meeting International Pokemon Trainers are high in this setting.

International Travelers and Tourist can access this Gym easily. There are bench available nearby in the Main Lobby and Trainers can sit and relax while Challenging Gyms.

For those who want to have a quick recharge of potions and revives, there is many PokeStop around within walking distance. Occasionally you can have radius coverage by both “Sarawak Cottage” PokeStop and “Kuching International Airport” PokeGym, but most of the time one of it will show “This Pokestop/Gym is too far away”.

If you are not wish to challenge the gym, you still can visit around the airport compound and visit the green surroundings with good contrast with modern architectured buildings. It is our local effort to have a balance between nature, culture and developments.