PokéStop: Golden Lounge Tajau

This is a safe PokéStop where you and your friend can enjoy catching Pokemons while waiting for departure or having a sip of relax drinks at the Coffee Bean, under nice air conditioned environment, although sub-optimal for major farming. Don’t try to play Pokemon Go while boarding the aircraft or in the aircraft.

The “Golden Lounge Tajau” depict a traditional native clay vase located at the entrance of MH Golden Lounge. The MH Golden Lounge is a special hang out area for MH user (Malaysian Airlines User). Tajau is known as big earthen vase. like other type of vases, vases can act as ceremonial vessels and may resemble the richness and status of the family in traditional society. The more delicate and fine motive handcrafted vases may worth a fortune for collectors.

“Golden Lounge Tajau” PokéStop Review

“Decoration of ‘Tajau’ (a traditional iban tribe clay vase) at the entrance of MH golden lounge.”

Estimate Location :

Latitude : 1.4866074687975543

Longitude : 110.34076899300999

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Golden Lounge Tajau Pokestop

The Golden Lounge Tajau Pokestop at Kuching International Airport as shown in the map in Pokemon Go game.

The “Golden Lounge Tajau” Pokestop is located at the far end of the departure and arrival terminal. Previously a MH Golden Lounge was currently a VVIP Room. The room is not accessible to public or tourist. Two huge wooden doors and wooden archway decorate the entrance. Although one might not see the Tajau, but it still act as a good pokestop which is not far from the nearby Sarawak Cottage and The Coffee Bean cafe.

The VVIP room entrance

The VVIP room entrance

The PokéStop radius does not cover any places of interest in the terminal, neither accessible to the outside public or the common lobby. The only accessible way to this PokéStop is a long hallways to the further extension of the terminal for aircraft docking, usually Specialize flights and VVIP flights.

Be careful not to wander too far from main terminal as certain places are out of bound for public. Most of the time these specialized areas are remain vacant. Pokemon Go player might still able to benefit from this PokéStop as it is a short walking distance from the nearby “Sarawak Cottage” Pokestop. It is still possible to create a mini spawn frenzy by putting Lure in this two nearby PokéStops, however is sub-optimal for major farming.

The Panoramic View in front of the VVIP Room.

The Panoramic View in front of the VVIP Room.

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