PokéStop: Coffee Shop Art Piece

This is a safe PokéStop where you and your friend can enjoy catching Pokemons while having a cup of coffee and waiting for departure at the same time, under nice air conditioned environment, although sub-optimal for major farming.

The PokéStop “Coffee Shop Art Piece” is located in the Starbucks Coffee at the 2nd floor (Departure Terminal) of the Kuching International Airport.

The Image showed in the Pokemon Go game is part of the series of painted artwork on a canvas, placed on wall of the dining section of Starbucks Coffee. The beautifully painted canvas can be easily seen from the entrance of the shop.

The main function of the art piece is to beautify the surrounding, while add on some abstract relaxing feeling while having a sip of tasty coffee. The milky white background and warm lighting makes it soothing to the view.

The Coffee Shop Art Piece at Starbucks Coffee Kuching International Airport

The Coffee Shop Art Piece is a canvas painting art on the wall at the dining section of Starbucks Coffee.

The Coffee Shop Art Piece as seen at entrance

The Coffee Shop Art Piece is easily seen at the entrance of Starbucks Coffee KIA.

“Coffee Shop Art Piece” PokéStop Review

Estimate Location :

Latitude : 1.487519

Longitude : 110.342512

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 Coffee Shop Art Piece Pokestop

The Coffee Shop Art Piece Pokestop as seen from the map view of the Pokemon Go Game.

The location of this PokéStop is at the far end of the airport common lobby and away from busy streets, which makes it a very safe for indoor gameplay. The stop is accessible inside both Departure and Arrival lobby, while it is still possible to reach outside the building, mainly the lobby for passenger loading. It is not accessible from vehicles from nearby roads which makes it safe from driver attempting to activate the PokéStop.

It is advisable to be careful while walking and playing Pokemon Go in an airport as there is risk of bumping into a total stranger from diffrent country and trip over someones luggage.

There is other public accessible PokéStop around, making possible to have a Pokemon spawn frenzy by activating lure in all of them, but however the distance between PokéStop is quite far and not much overlapping, makes it sub-optimal place for farming. Furthermore, occasionally the place is packed with tourist and travelers during peak hours. But if you are planing for departing flight wait, then why not just activate the lure on this PokéStop and have a relaxing sip of Coffee. If Starbucks Coffee is not your cup of coffee, you can dine at the Old Town White Coffee at the ground floor of the airport and have the same access to this PokéStop.

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