PokéStop : KSF Bus Stop

This Park is one of the famous farming hot spots. This “KSF Bus Stop” PokéStop is one of the recommended PokéStop for minor farming in this Park as it is located at the garden beside of the Chinese Gateway, which have one possible overlap with “Smirking Lion” PokéStop. Most will like to have a quick recharge of potion and revives while battling at the “Friendship Memorial Kuching Malaysia” PokeGym. With this PokéStop located on the jogging path loop within the park, you and your friend can enjoy catching Pokemons while have a walk or jog around the park.

Estimate Location :

Latitude : 1.5154543805562009

Longitude : 110.36498460169241

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The “KSF Bus Stop” is referring to the Friendship Memorial at the Friendship Park Kuching. It is located beside the Chinese Gateway. This Memorial features a small classical Chinese pavilion with red wooden pillars and beams, Curved ceramic roof and three marble inscripted tablets in three different language – chinese, english and malay.

The Friendship Memorial at Friendship Park Kuching

The Friendship Memorial located beside the Chinese Gateway.

The Friendship Memorial at Friendship Park Kuching

This Friendship Memorial is appears more like a small pavilion with a inscription on three marble tablet stating the brief history of this memorial. It is mistakenly named “KSF Bus Stop” due to its look from far, but there is a fence in front of it, making it less feasible for a working Bus Stop.

The Friendship Memorial at Friendship Park Kuching

The inscription on the marble tablet at the Friendship Memorial.

The inscription on the Friendship Memorial :

The establishment of a Malaysia China Friendship Park in Kuching by the Council of the City of Kuching South and the Kunming Municipal People’s Government Yunnan Province, Chine, symbolizes the flourishing friendship of the people of these two Cities and the exchange of their political, economic and cultural ties.

The Kunming Municipal People’s Government constructed an ancient like Chinese Garden, a Zheng He statue and a hexagonal pavilion called “Huai Feng Pavilion” to commemorate the former glory of Admiral Zheng He.

With the historical and lasting friendship between Malaysia and China we look forward to a bright future for the people of Kuching and Kunming.

30th September 2005

PokéStop Review

 KSF Bus Stop PokeStop

The KSF Bus Stop PokeStop at Friendship Park Kuching as shown in the map in Pokemon Go game.

The “KSF Bus Stop” PokéStop is one of the famous Pokemon Go farming loop in Friendship Park, which located along the jogging path at the Chinese garden beside the Chinese Plaza and RH Tea Pavilion. However this PokéStop does not correctly mark the actual attraction as depicted in the Pokemon Go game. Pokemon Go Trainers may end up finding the epicenter of this stop lies at the bushes and shrubs at the far end of the garden, next to a restricted structure likely a mini sewage or water filtering system.

ksf bus stop pokestop 2

The epicenter of the PokeStop is at the shrubs next to a restricted structure, likely for sewage or water filtration system.

ksf bus stop pokestop 1

A view from the PokeStop towards the garden, showing row of garden benches and jogging path.

This PokéStop radius covers part of the Chinese Gateway, Friendship Memorial, R.H. Tea Pavilion and the Chinese Plaza. The main coverage is the small garden beside the Chinese Plaza. There is several garden benches and jogging tracks around the garden with shady trees and lushly green carpet grass perfect for picnics. Pokemon Go trainer can have a rest below the trees or bench while catching Pokemon. The PokéStop also accessible to the car park outside the park compound, next to the Friendship Memorial. Be aware while wander and catch as one may run into another jogger or into the bushes.

Possible occurrence such as tentacool, radish, eevee, and bunch of ratatas and pigeys.

This PokéStop is also within the major farming loop of the park, with some walking effort along the jogging path, Pokemon Go Trainers can benefit from most of the other PokéStops nearby. At night, this Park become a Pokemon Trainers hot spot, with most of the PokéStops are Lure activated. The whole map may filled with pink flowers flying around with all PokéStop Lure activated.

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