PokéStop : Terengganu Cement Carving

This Park is one of the famous farming hot spots. With this PokéStop located on the jogging path loop within the park, you and your friend can enjoy catching Pokemons while have a walk or jog around the park. You can also get good overlap from “Baruk Pavilion” PokéStop nearby creating a good spot for Farming without Walking. The best time for Farming is early morning and late evening till midnight. Many visit this stop for a quick charge of Potion and Revives after a battle at the nearby “Sarawak Fountain” PokeGym.

Estimate Location :

Latitude : 1.5151878173109623

Longitude : 110.36643223462306

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* The location of actual attraction of this PokéStop is around 30 meters away.
Actual Attraction Latitude: 1.5156367069665353 (estimate)
Actual Attraction Longitude: 110.36641690130637 (estimate)

The “Terengganu Cement Carving” is located at Malaysia Murals in Friendship Park. The Malaysia Murals is a series of granite carved murals representing travel and culture uniqueness from each state in Malaysia.

The Terengganu Cement Murals

The Terengganu Murals depict a beautiful beach with turtles roaming the Beach.

The Malaysia Murals at Friendship Park Kuching

The Malaysia Murals at Friendship Park Kuching. Each Murals represent each of the states in Malaysia.

The “Terengganu Cement Carving” features a scene of beautiful seaside with coconut trees and sea turtles roaming around the beach. Terengganu is also known as “Land of Lilting Gamelan”. At the inscription plate below this mural depict the following:

TERENGGANU DARUL IMAN – Capital City: Kuala Terengganu
Terengganu is one of the Malaysia state endowed with a wealth of charming and refreshing natural landscapes. She boasts miles of sandy beaches, exotic island, lush virgin tropical jungle, quaint fishing village, dazzling waterfalls and many more. Terengganu’s history goes back to as far as the 1st century and has long been an important area of Malay settlement (even before the rise of Melaka). The discovery of petroleum and natural gases off its coast in the late 1970s boosted the social economic development of the state. It is also famous for its hatcheries for the leatherback turtles that lay their eggs along the East Coast.

PokéStop Review

Terengganu Cement Carving PokeStop

The Terengganu Cement Carving PokeStop at Friendship Park Kuching as shown in the map in Pokemon Go game.

This PokéStop is misplaced attractions as visitors who visit this attraction will end up found themselves at the metal bar fence of the Friendship Park. The PokéStop appears across the road outside of the Park. The actual attraction is seen 30 meters away across the shrubs and flower beds.

Despite the misplaced attraction, this PokéStop is still frequently visited as the Stop lands on to of the Jogging Path loop of the Park. Many who jogging or walk along the path around the park will pass by this stop. This PokéStop is also closely overlap with the “Baruk Pavilion” PokéStop, which allows Pokemon Go trainers to access both stops without walking.

The radius of the PokéStop covers the jogging path and partly over the outside road around the Friendship Park. Do not Drive and play as warned. Wandering and Catch outside the park compound with caution as the road around the parks can be congested with traffic at peak hours. There is several benches around the jogging path. Pokemon Go Trainers can have a sit while catching Pokemons.

The Terengganu Cement Carving Pokestop located Outside the Fence

The Terengganu Cement Carving Pokestop located Outside the Fence of Friendship Park.

The Jogging Path in Friendship Park

The Jogging Path in Friendship Park. Both Terengganu Cement Carving PokeStop and Baruk Pavilion PokeStop have a good radius overlap over the jogging path.

There is many nearby PokéStops within walking distance making it perfect for major farming. At night, this Park become a Pokemon Trainers hot spot, with most of the PokéStops are Lure activated. The whole map may filled with pink flowers flying around with all PokéStop Lure activated.

With the “Sarawak Fountain” PokeGym close by, this PokéStop can be your spot for quick charge of Potions and Revives to continue the challenge in the gym.

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