PokéGym : Sarawak Fountain

This Park is one of the famous farming hot spots. With this PokeGym landed in the center of series of nearby PokéStop within the Park, Pokemon Go Trainers can have a quick recharge of potions and revives and continue the challenge or defend of this Gym. It will be a hard gym to defend during peak hours.

Estimate Location :

Latitude : 1.515585226373504

Longitude : 110.36670657987997

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The “Sarawak Fountain” is located at central circle path at the first part of Friendship Park. It features seven granite pillars arrange in a circle with the top convergence at the center forms the apical center. At the center of the foundation there is a series of fountain projection over a stainless steel grill. At each of the pillars, there is a granite carved tablet with motif representing each of the ethnics in Sarawak. From this feature, the Massive statue of Admiral Zheng He can be seen on the right.

The Sarawak Fountain at Friendship Park Kuching

The Sarawak Fountain at Friendship Park Kuching.

The Sarawak Fountain at Friendship Park Kuching

The Sarawak Fountain features seven granite pillars arrange in a circle with water fountain at the center.

The Sarawak Fountain at Friendship Park Kuching

The seven granite carved tablet on the Seven pillars represent each ethnics of Sarawak.

This Sarawak Fountain Sponsored by Lee Onn Construction Company. At the inscription plate in front of this fountain depict the following:

As a Nation, Malaysia represents a successful example of unity in diversity. Its people have nurtured similarities but celebrated differences. Leading to a dynamic culture that is constantly evolving. This, in turn, has shaped the language, the arts, the way of living we see today – a potpourri of races and religions, cultures and traditions that has since melded into something that is truly, uniquely Malaysian.

Sarawak in particular, being the largest state in Malaysia has one of the country’s most ethnically diverse populations. This Monument celebrates the unity and the strength of Sarawak’s harmonious multi-racial society. This “Sarawak Fountain” groups the familiar artworks in granite carvings of seven major ethnic groups of the state, namely the Malay, Chinese, Iban, Melanau, Penan, Orang Ulu and Bidayuh.
Seven representation that reaches to meet together at the apex of the sculpture, signifying the unity and confluence of ideas for the well being of the State. The fountain of random and impromptu spirits of water celebrate the Sarawak lifestyle of firm, joy and public participation.
Granite is used to portray the natural strength of each community that will last forever.

PokeGym Review

 Sarawak Fountain PokeGym

The Sarawak Fountain PokeGym at Friendship Park Kuching as shown in the map in Pokemon Go game.

This PokeGym is located at the center of the first part of the Friendship Park, surrounded by jogging paths, flower gardens and pavilions. It is close to “Baruk Pavilion” PokéStop and “Terengganu Cement Carving” PokéStop, making this one of the favorite Farming Loop within short walking distance. Pokemon Go Trainers can have a quick charge of their potion and revives within few steps, making it defending or conquering PokeGym easier.

The PokeGym radius covers the whole Sarawak Fountain, hibiscus garden and circular jogging path. This gym can occasionally have very serious battle when many Pokemon Go Trainers is around, during the peak hours. Defending this Gym can be tough everyone can recharge their potion and revives easily with a short walk to all nearby PokéStop.

This PokeGym is not accessible to the nearby traffic roads, hence make it rather safe. Pokemon Go Trainer can sit down in nearby benches or at the nearby Baruk Pavilion during battle. Cautions when walking during battle as there is short steps at this PokeGym. Beware not to walk into the fountain as you may risk wet your devices.

There is another PokeGym within this park within walking distance, Pokemon Go Trainers can defend both Gym at same time to get more Gym Defending bonus.

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