PokéStop : Chinese Garden Pavilion

This Park is one of the famous farming hot spots. This PokéStop located on the jogging path loop within the park, you and your friend can enjoy catching Pokemons while have a walk or jog around the park. However due to its distance from nearest PokéStops and no overlaps in radius, this stop is still less favorable compare to others. Always be careful while wander and catch as this stop might be close to the unfenced lily pond nearby.

Estimate Location :

Latitude : 1.5154460238414151

Longitude : 110.3656463473817

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The “Chinese Garden Pavilion” is also known as Huai Feng Pavilion (怀风亭) or KunMing Pavilion. This traditional chinese pavilion is created based on traditional architecture from Kunming area China. Kunming City is located at southern Yunnan province of China. It is a modern city features with many traditional buildings, pavilions and stone bridge around the city.

This Hexagonal shaped pavilion features exposed colorful beams with Chinese motifs, curve ceramic roof, huge red pillars, and wooden carved ornaments around each edge of the pavilion. There is wind chimes around each corners of the roof, which as the name “Huai Feng” suggested. It means “to think of the Wind” or just “memories in the wind”. Red is the major color, as Red signifies Good Luck and Joy in Chinese culture.

The Huai Feng Pavilion at Friendship Park Kuching

Huai Feng Pavilion as seen over ZigZag bridge over the Lily Pond.

The Huai Feng Pavilion at Friendship Park Kuching

The “Chinese Garden Pavilion” PokeStop is located at Huai Feng Pavilion at Friendship Park Kuching.

The Huai Feng Pavilion at Friendship Park Kuching

The Huai Feng Pavilion design is based on traditional architecture from KunMing area of China.

This Chinese Garden Pavilion based on architecture from Kunming area, which is much different from another Chinese Garden Pavilion which is at the other side of the park which is based on architecture from Beijing.

PokéStop Review

Chinese Garden Pavilion PokeStop

The Chinese Garden Pavilion PokeStop at Friendship Park Kuching as shown in the map in Pokemon Go game.

This PokéStop is located at the China Garden part of the Friendship Park, at the jogging path connecting the two major Garden within the park. This spot is also accessible from the walk across the ZigZag bridge over the Lily Pond.

The PokéStop radius covers this pavilion, the Chinese Garden around it, part of Jogging path, the Lily Pond and ZigZag bridge. Due to its possible coverage over the jogging path beside the lily pond with no safety fences, be caution while wander and capture, watch your steps and be careful not to fell into the pond. However Pokemon Go Trainers can have a sit at the pavilion or nearby benches while catching Pokemons.

This PokéStop is within the major farming loop of the park, however it would take some walking distance to the next available PokéStop. For Joggers who jog along the path within the park will benefit from regular visit to this stop. For most Pokemon Go Trainers, this will be the less favorable PokéStop within the park.

At night, this Park become a Pokemon Trainers hot spot, with most of the PokéStops are Lure activated. The whole map may filled with pink flowers flying around with all PokéStop Lure activated.

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