PokéStop : Friendship Globe Malaysia – China

This is a rather safe PokéStop where you and your friend can enjoy catching Pokemons while have a walk around the park. This Park is one of the famous farming hot spots, with this stop easily accessible from the jogging path loop within the park and Friendship Globe plaza. The best time for Farming is early morning and late evening till midnight. Be careful while wander and catch near the busy traffic junction.

Estimate Location :

Latitude : 1.5162448188630284

Longitude : 110.3669640719454

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The “Friendship Globe Malaysia – China” is located at the open plaza at the main entrance of Friendship Park. It is a dark Marble carved sphere with laser imprinted image depict two leaders of nation holding hands as symbolic of diplomatic friendship in year 1974 and a background map of the two nations , China and Malaysia. There is a inscription “Thousands of Miles Apart and Friendship is all it takes to bridge the distance.” This Friendship Globe sits on a Granite carved Pedestal with block letter inscription “Malaysia-China Friendship Year 2004” and “Friendship Globe”, and a 3D motif of Phoenix and Dragon. This Globe is Sponsored by Ministry of Tourism Implemented by Majlis Bandaraya Kuching Selatan.

The Friendship Globe at Friendship Park Kuching

The Friendship Globe erected in front of Friendship Park , commemorate the Malaysia – China friendship year 2004.

The Friendship Globe at Friendship Park Kuching

The fine carved Marble Friendship Globe and the Granite Pedestal block in front of the Friendship Park.

The Friendship Globe at Friendship Park Kuching

“Thousands of Miles Apart and Friendship is all it takes to bridge the distance.” carved on the Globe.

PokéStop Review

Friendship Globe Malaysia-China PokeStop

The Friendship Globe Malaysia-China PokeStop at Friendship Park Kuching as shown in the map in Pokemon Go game.

This PokéStop is located at the Friendship Globe of Friendship Park Kuching. It is one of the first accessed PokéStop when Visitors come to the Park. The Entrance Car park is just adjacent to this plaza. This Friendship Globe plaza is part of the park but is outside the gated compound of the Park and hence freely accessible without limit.

The PokéStop radius have coverage extends from the Globe to whole plaza, the adjacent car park, part of the Entrance gateway of the Friendship Park and the nearby busy traffic junction of Jalan Song. Pokemon Trainers can access this PokéStops while walking around the open plaza or jogging in the jogging path loop inside the Friendship Park. Occasional vehicle passenger from the adjacent Jalan Song Junction can have a quick visit on this PokéStop for freebies. Do not Drive and play as warned. Wandering and Catch outside the park compound with caution as the road around the parks can be congested with traffic at peak hours.

There is many nearby PokéStops within walking distance making it perfect for major farming. At night, this Park become a Pokemon Trainers hot spot, with most of the PokéStops are Lure activated. The whole map may filled with pink flowers flying around with all PokeStop Lure activated.

This PokéStop may spawn Sandshrew, Scynther, Koffing, Eevee and bunch of Ratatas and Pidgey.

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