PokéGym : Friendship Memorial Kuching Malaysia

This PokeGym is one of the Two famous PokeGym within the friendship park. With its overlapping coverage within three other nearby PokéStop (Rock Garden, Smirking Lion and Lion Gate Statue), the Gym is deemed one of the hardest to defend, due to fact that many different teams will be challenging this Gym at same time, while fast recharging of Potions and Revive from nearby PokéStop will extend the endurance of non-stop fierce battle.

Estimate Location :

Latitude : 1.5160270550286439

Longitude : 110.36504821477138

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The “Friendship Memorial Kuching Malaysia” is located at the Chinese section (Larger Garden) Main Entrance of the friendship park. Also known as the Chinese Gateway, it is a massive timber-concrete Chinese themed arch gate. It features a pair of Qilin (麒麟) at the inner pedestal, a pair of Imperial guardian lions at the outer pedestal, Layers on layers of crossing beams with colorful Chinese motif, fine carved arch ornaments, curved edge roofs, ceramic roof tiles, and huge red pillars. A closer looks at the colorful beams may reveal motifs of Dragons, Qilins and Phoenyx, which are all mystical creatures of the Chinese believe. This Gateway is a landmark of its own, projecting the creative and symbolism of the Chinese culture.

The Chinese Gateway at Friendship Park Kuching

The Chinese Gateway at Friendship Park Kuching.

The Chinese Gateway at Friendship Park Kuching

The Chinese Gateway viewed from the side of the Plaza.

The Chinese Gateway at Friendship Park Kuching

The close up view of Chinese Gateway features colorful beams with Chinese motifs, finely carved arch ornaments and the curve roofs.

PokéGym Review

Friendship Memorial Kuching Malaysia PokeGym

Friendship Memorial Kuching Malaysia PokeGym at Friendship Park Kuching as shown in the map in Pokemon Go game.

The “Friendship Memorial Kuching Malaysia” PokeGym located at the Chinese Gateway of Friendship Park Kuching. This is one of the two gym available within the park compound.

The PokeGym have a radius extends throughout the Gateway, Chinese Plaza, Part of the Car park in front of the Gateway, and part of the RH Tea Pavilion. Many Pokemon Trainers can access this PokeGym from the comfort at the front porch at RH Tea Pavilion, along with other three nearby overlapping radius from Rock Garden, Smirking Lion and Lion Gate Statue PokéStop without moving. It is one of the sweet spot for Sit-Catch-and-Challenge farming.

During peak hours, the R.H. Tea Pavilion front porch will be pack with Pokemon Go trainers. Occasionally making this PokeGym hardest to be defend as many Pokemon Go Trainers will challenge and battle in this Gym at the same time while activating lure on the three nearby PokéStops awaiting for a good spawns. The overlapping allows Trainers to have a quick recharge of potions and revives during battles and extend their endurance. Some may even have their battle from the adjacent car park in their air conditioned vehicles.

Although is not advisable to walk while battle in the Gym, but always aware of your surrounding while playing Pokemon Go to avoid accidents. It is still rather safe gym, considering most of the trainers will be at the Pavilion, under the Gateway, along the plaza and in the stationary vehicle at the car park.